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Buying a new Subaru

Subaru has long been associated with high quality vehicle manufacturing and performance in the Australian market. With over 45 accredited Subaru Dealers within the Private Fleet National Network across Australia and a purchasing power of many hundreds of new vehicles per year, Private Fleet is well placed to ensure that your next new Subaru purchase is second to none.

Private Fleet are able to save private buyers thousands of dollars on the following 2023 Subaru vehicles:

To find out more or to find out how to obtain Private Fleet Discount Pricing on your next new Subaru via your local Subaru Dealer, click here to complete our 30 second enquiry form or call 1300 303 181 Australi-wide during business hours.

More About: Subaru.

Like some other car companies, Subaru was born out of a aeronautical background. 1915 was the year that The Aircraft Research factory came into being and in 1932 was renamed  the Nakajima Aircraft Company. The company was a builder of many aircraft used by Japanese military forces during World War 2.

After the war, the company was again renamed, this time to Fuji Sangyo Co. Ltd and in 1946 released the Fuji Rabbit motor scooter, created from aeronautical parts. In 1950 Japanese government reforms saw the company split into 12 distinct groups,  leading to, in 1953 and 1954, a merger between four of these groups and a separate group to form Fuji Heavy Industries, the forerunner to  what is now known as Subaru Corporation.

Subaru’s perhaps best known for their flat or “boxer” four cylinder engine, as found in a number of their current vehicles such as the Impreza. However, it was in 1965 when the first version of this was released, in the Subaru 1000. The Subaru name itself had come into existence for the company thanks to the CEO of Fuji Heavy Industries, Kenji Kita. Kita had been looking for a name for the automotive manufacturing arm and after no submissions were received, named the company himself.

Subaru is the Japanese word for the Pleiades Cluster, a group of seven stars. The Subaru logo is of the cluster but as legend says one of the stars is invisible, shows just six.