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Toyota Corolla? Save $1,000's!

The Toyota Corolla

Australia’s most popular small car. Worldwide sales of Toyota Corollas have recently exceeded an amazing 30 million!! In fact the Corolla even topped some monthly sales figures during 2013 in Australia for all classes of cars! As petrol prices continue to increase and people look for economy and performance without sacrificing on quality, the Toyota Corolla will continue to impress.

It really is no wonder when you consider the combination of style, practicality and value for money – the Toyota Corolla really is a driver’s car.

So you’ve read the reviews, had a test-drive and chosen the particular Toyota Corolla model that’s right for you, now it’s time to talk price. Who better to do this with than Private Fleet. Through our buying power and trade connections, we guarantee to save you thousands on your new Toyota Corolla purchase. We’re happy to say that over the last 6 years, we have purchased more Toyota Corollas for our clients than any other individual new car model!

Save Time. Save Hassle. Save Money.

Since the debut of the Toyota Corolla in 1967 (priced at just $1,700!), the Corolla has come a long way. Now the model range features the following versions: Toyota Corolla Ascent, Seca, Conquest, Levin SX and ZR and of course the Toyota Corolla Ultima. With a starting price of under $21,500, the Toyota Corolla is generally regarded as being one of the best value new vehicles around. So just imagine what you can get

To find out more or to find out how to obtain fleet discount pricing on your new Toyota Corolla via your local Toyota Dealer, click here to complete our 30 second enquiry form or call 1300 303 181 during business hours.

More About: Toyota.

Toyota is a worldwide giant in the automotive field, but started as a division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works in 1933 under the guidance of Kiichiro Toyoda. The company had been pushed by the Japanese Government to create automobiles after the war with China. 1934 saw the firm produce their first engine and in 1935 released a truck and car based on an American design.

The Toyota Motor Company was founded in 1937 as an independent and separate company to the loom works. After WW2 the company itself was on the verge of collapse with just 300 trucks built in 1950. 1950 also saw the founding of Toyota Motor Sales Co.

The 1960s saw even more expansion, commencing partnerships with Hino and Daihatsu, a presence established in Thailand, and a groundbreaking moment in 1963, with Melbourne producing the first Toyota built outside of Japan.

Toyota Motor Corporation Australia itself was founded in 1958, with the famous Land Cruiser vehicle imported in numbers to assist in the Snowy Mountains Hydro scheme. 1963 had the Toyota Tiara as the locally built car under the auspices of Australian Motor Industries, and in 1972 Toyota bought British Leyland’s part of AMI.

An engine building plant in Altona, Victoria, commenced production in 1978, 1981 had specific handling work done for Australian cars and 1994 saw all vehicle manufacturing operations moved to the Altona site, whilst 2006 saw all manufacturing based at Altona.

In February of 2014 Toyota announced they would cease local manufacturing by the end of 2017.