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Buying a new Mazda

Mazda has achieved a massive turnaround in the last few years in terms of sales volumes to become one of the leading sales brands in Australia. Mazda has an enviable reputation for quality and reliability and whilst in previous years it has perhaps struggled in the competing design stakes, the current Mazda lineup include some class winning designs and a good range of vehicles to suit most discerning Australian buyers. If you’ve got an eye for value and reliability, buying a Mazda has got to be on your car-buying shortlist. In 2015, Mazda have an impressive range of models with many competing for the best within their particular vehicle class so it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to Mazda for their new car requirements.

With over 60 accredited New Mazda Dealers across the country and a purchasing power of many hundreds of new Mazdas per year, Private Fleet is well placed to ensure that your next new Mazda purchase is second to none.

Private Fleet are able to save private buyers thousands of dollars on the following 2023 Mazda vehicles:

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More About: Mazda.

Japanese car maker, Mazda, was originally known as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Co. Ltd. The company was founded in January 1920. In 1927 the Cork part was dropped. The company was a machine tool maker until 1931 when they produced the Mazda-Go rickshaw.

Toyo Kogyo also produced weapons for the Japanese military. 1984 had the company formally change its name to Mazda however every vehicle manufactured was released under the Mazda name.

A vehicle called the NSU Ro80, built in West Germany, inspired Mazda to develop its own version of the Wankel rotary engine found in the NSU car. However, in order to do so, Mazda formed a partnership with NSU and in 1967 the fruit of that partnership was seen in the form of the Cosmo Sport.

NSU itself sidelined their efforts to get the rotary engine to a satisfactory level in the 1970s, leaving the growing Japanese maker to continue. The RX series of cars, such as the RX-2, helped Mazda grow as well as a dedicated export program.

Building the cars only in Japan lead to offices being established in Canada and the U.S. in the late 1960s. There was also a Mazda developed and built pickup for the American marketwhich remains the only rotary powered vehicle of its type.

Mazda has had a long term partnership with Ford. Cars such as the 626 were sold as the Telstar. It’s also famous for the rebirth of the small roadster with the MX-5 series.