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Over recent years, Hyundai have to some extent shaken off their ‘value’ tag by producing vehicles that stand toe to toe with some of the Japanese and European brands on much more than the value merit. That’s not to say Hyundais don’t still show value for money – they certainly do – but Hyundai is now much more than that with model excelling in design, functionality and reliability. Hyundai still offering one of the leading manufacturer warranties available in Australia for even more peace of mind. It’s a smart move to have a Hyundai on your new car shortlist.

With over 55 accredited Hyundai Dealers within the Private Fleet National Network and a purchasing power of many thousands of new vehicles per year, Private Fleet is well placed to ensure that your next new Hyundai purchase is second to none.

Private Fleet pricing will save private buyers thousands of dollars on the following 2024 Hyundai vehicles:

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More About: Hyundai.

1947 saw the founding of what would become the goliath now known as Hyundai. Chung Ju-Yung founded the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company and twenty years later the Hyundai Motor Company was born. The first product was a co-operative production with Ford, the Cortina. Shortly after that Hyundai hired the former managing director of Austin Morris, George Turnbull, to create a team in order to develop a bespoke Hyundai vehicle.

In 1975 the team, along with famed Italian designer Giorgio Giugiaro, launched the first Korean car, named the Pony. This started a massive expansion by Hyundai including exporting to Canada, where in 1984 it became the number one selling car there.

The year of 1986 saw Hyundai release the Excel into the US market where it quickly gained acclaim including being nominated as a Best Product by Forbes Magazine. Although still using technology from Mitsubishi, Hyundai rapidly developed its own in house tech and released the Sonata in 1990 followed by its own engine and transmission in 1991.

Hyundai Australia was launched in 1986 after Alan Bond joined forces with Perth car dealership tycoon John Hughes and a business partner, Danny Fisher. A motorbody builder, Fisher had seen potential in the brand and approached Bond to import the cars, starting with the Excel. Bond agreed, on the proviso Hughes was involved. The brand exceeded expectations and was subsequently taken over by an Australian distributor in the early 1990s before Hyundai itself set up an Australian office in 2003. Hyundai sold its one millionth vehicle in Australia in 2012.