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FPV Super Pursuit

FPV Super Pursuit

FPV Super Pursuit. At first glance, you’d think it was the latest Playstation car racing game – the sort of game that sees you roaring in an amazing car around some gorgeous scenery while techno music pumps. Well, you’re not too far wrong in that. Except for a few things. The Ford FPV Super Pursuit is for real.

Firstly, you need to take a look at the Ford FPV Super Pursuit in the steel. Computer game graphics tend to fizzle somewhat when it comes to looking at the close details, but there has been plenty of attention paid to the detailed styling of the Ford FPV Super Pursuit. It won’t disappoint. From the silver-look 19″ alloy wheels to the front fascia with tri-slot splitter in accent colour and the black grille mesh featuring FPV lettering, everything about the Ford FPV Super Pursuit is perfect. And this perfection continues to the inside of the Ford FPV Super Pursuit. No beanbags here – driving the Ford FPV Super Pursuit sees you sitting on FPV performance seats in Le Mans cloth upholstery or leather with the silver FPV logo embroidered. The lumbar support in the driver and passenger seats is magnificent, and the driver’s seat is electrically adjustable four ways. And the interior of the Ford FPV Super Pursuit has several features I don’t have in my lounge -like the dual zone automatic temperature control, power windows and keyless entry, and lots of alloy trim. Drivers of the manual version of the Ford FPV Super Pursuit will appreciate the special FPV shift alert that lets you know the best revs to change gear. The prestige Interior Command Centre with premium audio system and TFT colour screen, which also takes care of the climate control, keeps the driver completely in touch and in charge of everything – and makes sure that the necessary techno music (if that’s what you fancy) comes out of the six speakers strategically placed around the Ford FPV Super Pursuit.

And the most important difference of all between a computer game and the real life Ford FPV Super Pursuit? the feelings. The feeling of power and torque pressing you back into your seat as you hear the roar of the big Boss 302 high-performance 5.4L quad-cam 32 valve V8 engine picking up speed. There’s a huge maximum power output of 302kW and a mindblowing 540Nm. You’ll be able to feel what the Ford FPV Super Pursuit’s doing through the Performance steering wheel, thanks to the performance suspension at the back and the independent double wishbones at the front. Manual or automatic, you’ve got six gears to play with.

One thing I can never get the hang of with those car-racing computer games is the handling. I always end up sliding out of control. This isn’t a problem in the real Ford FPV Super Pursuit. The traction control gives excellent grip, and the limited slip differential adds to this. The Ford FPV Super Pursuit can stop surefootedly with the Premium Brembo six-piston brakes with ABS and EBD. So you are much less likely to collect bushes and signs, like I always do on the Playstation.

But nobody’s perfect. Accidents happen. One of the more unfortunate differences between games and real driving is that people can get hurt. The Ford FPV Super Pursuit is set up to do its best to prevent this. Front and airbags for both driver and passenger help cushion a crash (the crash severity sensor also helps here). You will have your pretensioned seatbelt fastened, as the Ford FPV Super Pursuit has a Beltminder reminder system. And for security of another sort, the Ford FPV Super Pursuit comes with a fully integrated alarm with battery back up as standard.

The Ford FPV Super Pursuit is what you would technically call a single-cab ute, but somehow, I think it would be wasted as a farm vehicle. It would, however, make a particularly classy commercial ute that is eye-catching (so much so that you might even be able to convince the accounting team that it’s good marketing, so really?). But primarily, the Ford FPV Super Pursuit is a vehicle for enjoyment. It is, excuse the cliché, a real man’s car that looks the part. It is nice to know that Ford does make this enjoyment accessible to anyone who fancies driving it – the Ford FPV Super Pursuit comes with a no-cost (if ordered at time of purchase) optional disabled driver’s kit.

Time to play. Ready for the real thing? The Ford FPV Super Pursuit is waiting?

Current model series include:

  • FPV Super Pursuit BF

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