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At times you need that extra bit of performance and grunt. You need to nip into that handy gap in heavy traffic. You need to gun past a B-train on the open road. You need to deliver an order to a client across town in record time. Or you need to teach that bumptious little so-and-so on the local racing circuit a lesson or three. Well, with the power and torque on tap in the new FPV GS Ute you can do all this and more.

One thing's certain: the FPV GS Ute's got attitude!

To be a bit more specific, the FPV GS Ute pumps out a mouth-watering 302 kW of power, and a very juicy 551 Nm of torque through a standard six-speed manual transmission. Stop for a moment (you’re not driving the FPV GS Ute yet) and imagine what you could do with that sort of oomph – and how it would feel as the g-forces push you back into the leather trimmed sports seats. The seats are typically comfortable, and they are also highly adjustable for finding the optimum driving position. And you can put all FPV GS Ute’s grunt to it optimum use through the six speed manual transmission.

The FPV GS Ute is a very comfy drive, with the sports tuned suspension providing taut handling and the ability of taking the ouch out of surface imperfections in the road while giving feedback to the driver. The spunky body kit not only looks awesome but also creates downward force to add to the grip of the low profile tyres sitting on 19-inch Alpine Silver rims. The climate control system keeps you cool even when the engine runs hot, and if you ever tire of listening to the throaty snarl of the 5.4 litre V8 engine, the premium audio system is ready to take over.

This amount of power needs a corresponding amount of control. The most important active safety feature in the FPV GS Ute (apart from the driver’s brain) is the braking system, which features massive callipers and discs. This system is backed up by ABS and ESP. And if the worst comes to the worst, the FPV GS Ute will do its best to protect that brain of yours – and the rest of you – with the pretensioning seat belts, a full array of airbags and a supremely rigid body shell.

The windows are slightly tinted while offering a practical function; they offer good all-round visibility as well as looking snazzy. The same can be said of the sleek looking headlights, In fact, the overall aggressive and eye-catching appearance of the FPV GS Ute make other drivers more aware of the vehicle, which is almost a safety feature in itself. If other drivers stop and stare, they aren’t ploughing into you.

The FPV GS Ute has only a few downsides. The first is the fuel economy. However, if you’ve read this article up to this point, this is probably not your major concern; if it was, you’d be reading up about something more frugal, like Hyundai diesels or Audi’s A3 1.6 TDI. The second is that the looks tend to garner the FPV GS Ute more than its fair share of attention from cops (who may just be wanting an excuse to look more closely – the cops are human!). The third is the interior space: while the driver and the lucky front passenger have plenty of leg and elbow room, the opportunity for carrying any extra people is naught. However, the tray out the back offers plenty of carrying capacity.

Test drive an FPV GS Ute today and feel the power and potency of a Ford Performance Vehicle today.
The current model series includes the:

  • FPV GS Ute
  • FPV GS Sedan

For any more information on the FPV GS Ute, or for that matter any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!) we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of FPV dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!

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