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FPV Pursuit

FPV Pursuit

Ford is in pursuit of excellence. And with the Ford FPV Pursuit, it has well and truly found it.

Supportive leather and suede feel seats, a driver’s seat which is 4-way electrically adjustable, a premium six stack CD stereo and an interior command centre, electric windows… Surely this would be a luxury sedan? Well, no -the Ford FPV Pursuit is, in actual fact, a strikingly sexy looking sports utility ute that’s got some power stuffed underneath the low slung lines that is sure to let rip the moment the pedal is pushed.

Pump this baby up and she’s sure to respond with a deep, thundering growl. Under the hood is the 302 kW quad cam V8 that can talk the torque with a whopping big 540Nm. Response is immediate and smooth, and the joy of the Ford FPV Pursuit ute is that the colossal power seems endless and ever present when needed. And as a safety aspect, this is greatly beneficial for quick passing manoeuvres on the main motorway.

The ride is taut and firm, allowing the big Ford FPV Pursuit ute to push hard into the corners and grip to the tarmac, and then, on exiting the bend, the power can be laid on as velocity can be hastily applied again. Total performance isn’t just about how fast it can go or how quick can this accelerate. It’s also about finer ride, handling and comfort. The Ford FPV Pursuit comes with FPV’s front double wishbone suspension, a torque-sensitive limited slip differential and traction control. This potent combination leads to incredible grip, faster turn-in, better cornering balance, straight-line stability, advanced safety and, for a performance vehicle, incredible comfort. In the Ford FPV Pursuit ute, with all its 302 kWs of power, you still control all the horses. This gives rise to a confident drive. The Ford FPV Pursuit is stunning to drive and she sure means business.

Lift her hood up and underneath lies the powerplant with the FPV logo and the lettering BOSS 302 engraved on the attractive engine cover. Close the bonnet and the bulges are all in the right places, echoing a front used on the Aussie V8 Ford Supercars. The aggressive air intake with its tri-slot splitter and the sharp looking lower front fog lamps all contribute to the low, wide, ground-hugging stance of the Ford FPV Pursuit. With side skirts and some awesome looking 19″ five spoke alloy wheels, turning heads is part and parcel of owning the Ford FPV Pursuit.

To be able to stop is just as important as the grunt up front. So the Ford FPV Pursuit engineers have developed a range of Brembo brake packages that will stop you mighty quick if the need arises. A premium brake package is available that entails 355mm × 32mm cross drilled and slotted front rotors with Brembo 6 piston calipers and 330mm × 28mm cross drilled rear rotors with single piston rear calipers. Naturally, ABS with EBD braking is there to give that extra safety edge.

The Ford FPV Pursuit’s a beaut ute. Try it. It’s good.

Current model series include:

  • FPV Pursuit BF

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