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Glance your eye down the haunches of the Ford FPV GT-P and the sleek curves stir the soul. From every angle, the Ford FPV GT-P has pace and class forged onto its beautiful design. The large twin exhaust pipes and handsome spoiler hint at what really lies ready to pounce under the lustrous low bonnet line. This car has all the goods to impress not only the driver and occupants, but the passers by, who will be amazed at the sheer presence that this striking car has.

The Boss 302 engine is a high performance 5.4 litre quad-cam 32 valve V8 and it is attached to either a 6 peed manual or automatic gearbox. Having this engine sitting under the bonnet of your car gives you no excuse at all for being late for those early morning board meetings. With 302 kW and a torque figure of 540 Nm, this car will not stay alongside the status quo. The Ford FPV GT-P is capable of hitting 62 mph from a standstill in around 6 seconds. This is more than enough grunt to push you back into your seat.

Floor the pedal and the big V8 growls a symphony as the Ford FPV GT-P surges forward gathering velocity with shattering ease. To hear the snarl of the Ford FPV GT-P engine is sheer pleasure in itself. But the immense grip that the car has over the road is awe-inspiring – a credit to the engineers. Balance and poise is second nature to the Ford FPV GT-P, and road curves only inspire the driver to push hard, allowing long distance travel to become effortless.

Passengers will enjoy the experience of travelling inside the pace orientated Ford FPV GT-P. Luxury is evident throughout the tasteful interior, and sitting in the Ford FPV GT-P seats is just so delightfully comfy. I don’t know what it is about cars like the Ford FPV GT-P – they just have that special something that makes you feel totally satisfied with the experience. The Ford FPV GT-P has a roomy interior and this asset in itself makes it an attractive proposition to any large car buyer. Both the front and rear seats are leather and offer ample leg room even for very tall adults. Sit inside the front seats and you will appreciate the way they hold you tightly in place. And when sitting inside the solid Ford FPV GT-P, you feel pleasantly safe and snug inside the voluptuous cabin. The cavernous boot will pack away a large family’s weekend getaway luggage with ease. Entertainment is taken care of with the premium 6 stack CD system which sounds just great, but it will be competing against the sensual rumble of the big V8. What would you prefer to listen to? The cabin ambience can be kept just so with the state of the art dual climate control feature.

Safety is of high importance to the Ford FPV GT-P and a sound airbag system is positioned for both front occupants. All seat belts are pretensioned and in the rear seats, there are three three-point seat belts. Active safety includes such things as ABS and EBD. Also, traction control and limited slip diff are standard on the Ford FPV GT-P as well.

Satisfaction guaranteed. The Ford FPV GT-P will steal any heart that cares to test drive this awesome beast.

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