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FPV GS Sedan

Grrrmmmmbbbbbblblblblb! That’s the sound of the GT-based 302kW V8 engine under the lid of the FPV GS Sedan, and it’s the closest any driver of this impressive muscle car will get to grumbling. Because the FPV GS Sedan gives a driver very little to grumble and gripe about, if anything.

This FPV GS Sedan's green andif you're not the owner, you're also likely to be green... with envy.

Grip, however, is another story, and the FPV GS Sedan’s got plenty. Now, plenty of people who like the assertive racing-inspired looks of the FPV GS Sedan think the styling features are just that: styling. But those who know a bit more know that the designers at Ford performance Vehicle won’t have put an ounce more into the premium performance body shell than they had to, and the spoiler, air dam and side skirts add as much to the road handling ability as they do to the looks. Add in crisp suspension components and big low profile tyres, and you have something that sticks to the road like chewing gum beneath a school desk.

And what can the big V8 engine in the FPV GS Sedan do? Well this really depends on exactly what you do using the six-speed automatic transmission, but 302 kW of power and 551 Nm of torque give you nothing to grumble about but plenty of grrmblmmmmmblblbblbl.

It’s not all about the engine but – no, correct that: the FPV GS Sedan is all about the engine and the performance. But you get the point: no point having truck loads of grunt in something with all the comfort and handling ability of your average shopping trolley. That would be something to grumble about. Instead of a nasty wire and plastic seat, the FPV GS Sedan has premium sport seats that are supportive and multi adjustable. And, as anyone who has taken hold of the steering wheel knows, the FPV GS Sedan handles like a dream (not a nightmare), especially with the premium electronic driving dynamic features. And can you find a shopping trolley with features like the FPV GS Sedan’s high output audio system, climate control, GT instrumentation, starter button and badging, unique GS striping graphics, dual zone climate control, charcoal cloth interior, Bluetooth integration and all its other copious number of bells and whistles? Satellite navigation and leather seats are some of the options.

If you’re considering buying the FPV GS Sedan as a family vehicle you’ll need to consider the needs of the others as well as the driver. The FPV GS Sedan has numerous airbags, and the rear seats can seat three tall adults with ease and comfort. You can bet that the FPV GS Sedan will be the ultimate Cool Car for the school or sports team car pool run. However, I’d hesitate about handing the keys of something with this much power to a teenager – this will cause a few grumbles as the FPV GS Sedan is a very desirable drive. The boot provides room for the school bags and sports gear, with a bit of space left for the shopping.

Lastly, you can’t give the facts about the FPV GS Sedan without mentioning the styling. Little details like the big bonnet scoops, air vents, meshed grille, body coloured wing mirrors, massive spoiler, striking decals and sleek headlights contribute to the overall attitude of power and confident muscle. This ethos is continued on the inside with the FPV logo incorporated into the interior trim.

In short, the FPV GS Sedan will have you smiling while the engine does the grrmmmmmblblblbl.

The current model series includes the:

  • FPV GS Sedan
  • FPV GS Ute

For any more information on the FPV GS range, or for that matter any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!) we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of FPV dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!

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