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Liberty Sedan

The looks of the new Subaru Liberty Sedan are bolder and more daring, and in keeping with the inspiring AWD drive.

In any racing contest, once the wet stuff comes the AWD cars always have an advantage. The level of dynamic safety that is offered in AWD traction is why so many car manufacturers are providing AWD options in their line-up of cars, but for Subaru, AWD has been a logical matter of course for all their models for decades. The odd Subaru 2WD alternative is available, however most Subaru cars provide the security of AWD grip. Subaru’s new range of Liberty Sedans all deliver AWD for a great ride on all surfaces.

Newest Subaru Liberty models use the latest Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive systems. Traction is transferred to the wheels with the least grip, maximising control along gravel roads and in slippery conditions. Subaru Liberty models offer the Sedan body shape which asserts an appealing contemporary design with sharp, angular styling, bold headlights and a new ring-shaped safety cell for maximum protection. Much more daring and attractive, the new Subaru Liberty Sedan has a design that looks great and draws approval from many absorbed onlookers.

It’s often that I note the swiftness of a Subaru Liberty accelerating away in complete control and with that symphonic growl that only a Subaru Boxer engine can emit. It rivals the V8’s audacious rumble, and leaves you enthralled by its tone.

The base model Subaru Liberty 2.5i Sedan is not short of power, and with Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive the 127 kW of power is applied on the road to maximum effect. The 2.5-litre, four-cylinder engine loves to be worked and while providing lusty acceleration from low revs seems to find the hot spots in the mid-to-high engine revs. A strong 235 Nm of torque pulls at 4100 rpm and links to the CVT very smoothly for instant response. This same engine features in the higher riding Liberty 2.5X Sedan.

With 350 Nm available between 2500 and 5200 rpm it’s all go in the Subaru Liberty 2.5 GT Premium Sedan. The peak power output of 195 kW of power makes this the Liberty Sedan racer of the bunch. For a more relaxed high-performance experience (191 kW), the Subaru Liberty 3.6X Sedan is the perfect blend of sports and luxury. The Boxer positioned 3.6-litre, six-cylinder engine makes similar torque to the GT model, however, of all the models in the Liberty Sedan line-up, the cosseting leather interior and the effortless touring that the 3.6X Sedan provides sits perfectly with me.

What the X means in the 2.5X and 3.6X models is that these models have more ground clearance for tackling rougher terrain and tracks. They will definitely appeal to the buyer who likes to get to the out of the way places for some adventure thrills. I can also see farmers enjoying the added bonus of AWD and a higher ride for getting across the paddocks. They won’t need to always head back for the ute to get across to the water trough.

A serene cabin environment for all Subaru Liberty Sedan occupants is strengthened with a resilient five-star ANCAP occupant safety rating given to this talented Subaru Sedan. A Vehicle Dynamics Control system, ABS with EBD, seven SRS3 airbags and Brake Assist are some of the top safety equipment.

A modern Subaru Liberty Sedan offers premium safety, room and comfort.

Legroom inside the Liberty Sedan is very good, while seat comfort is superb – especially in Premium Liberty Sedans. All the high-tech stuff is available, so things like a rear-view reverse camera, pre-collision safety, adaptive cruise control, an electric sunroof (premium models), blue interior lighting, climate control, power adjustable seats, Bluetooth and more are available for the classy new Subaru Liberty Sedan.

You’ve got to like Subaru’s three year/unlimited km warranty on a new Subaru Liberty Sedan. What a way for getting between Australia’s main centres.

The current Subaru Liberty Sedan models include the:

  • Liberty 2.5i Sedan
  • Liberty 2.5i Premium Sedan
  • Liberty 2.5X Sedan
  • Liberty 2.5 GT Premium Sedan
  • Liberty 3.6X Sedan

For any more information on the new Subaru Liberty Sedan or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Subaru dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!

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