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Subaru XV 2017

Subaru XV 2017

When you happen to be one of the most sort after types of vehicles on the road, as an SUV you could get forgiven for feeling a little more aristocratic than other lower-class vehicle types on the road.  The SUV is certainly loftier in demeanour than a small hatch; however it too has to produce the goods when it comes to the basics of efficient and comfortable travel.  The new Subaru XV is an SUV that has a little more pizazz than some of the other compact SUVs on the market, with its chivalry looks and bright exterior shades of glossy paint you’ll be noticed and appreciated by passers-by.  The new Subaru XV is an adventurous SUV with an exciting blueprint for outdoor fun.

Subaru XV 2017

Able to whip up some fun for any drive, the 2017 Subaru XV is the ideal companion to a person, couple or family that love the outdoor lifestyle.  This is a vehicle tailor-made to fit the get-up-and-live-it attitude of active individuals who would much rather leave the office behind and head to the hills for a downhill mountain bike trail, a walk in the reserve or a blast down the mountain ski slopes.  Subaru have always revelled in playing the role of the gallantry knight who will go to great lengths to cross over hell or high-water to save the day – especially if there is a lady involved.  Take your lady out on an XV date, and you’ll both be smiling in the hot tubs at the end of an exhausting day on the trails!

What’s able to get you places where other machines just won’t go is traction and control.  The raised ride height and AWD system in a new Subaru XV ensures you can tackle some fairly juicy off-road obstacles like sand at the beach, river beds and even a forestry track to get to the mountain bike trail.  You haven’t got the ground clearance of a Land Cruiser, but there is enough for a lively adventure.  The low front air dam is a little low for really good entry angles, so you’ll need to watch this when a sharp rise or step-up is on the cards off-road.

The AWD traction control system in the new Subaru XV is able to connect well with whatever the surface might be.  These are ideal vehicles for getting to the ski slopes for a day on the powder.  Usually ski bunnies love to get the most time on the slopes so they are often the ones who travel places quickly in their cars.  The road holding of the AWD XV is superb and slippery roads are a Subaru’s favourite pass time.  Underpinning the new Subaru XV is the superb Symmetrical AWD System that has Active Torque Split between wheels.  This sort of traction is what you need for plenty of go forward when the conditions get slippery.  Responsive engine performance is dialled up via a refined electronic throttle control system.  The Subaru feels swift and agile at any corner, while the brakes a powerful and fully capable of lightening emergency stops.  ABS, traction control and ESC are standard features.

Subaru XV 2017 Display

A cultured and modern Subaru XV cabin houses plenty of contemporary technology to keep occupants comfortable and entertained.  The dash is a work of art with all sorts of angles of symmetry looking really cool and up-to-date.  The protuberance in the centre of the dash houses the angles of incline and descent, lean angles and other important information.  Underneath this is a nice crisp display screen that runs Android Auto as well as a wide range of Apps and features that can connect with your smartphone, stream music, connect to the internet and guide you with satellite navigation.  Pandora, Apple CarPlay and even Audio books can be enjoyed by all.

Depending on the model, the steering wheel is a set of buttons ready to control Bluetooth communications, audio sound levels and selection, as well as active cruise control features.  Subaru has equipped the higher-end XV models with a world-class EyeSight Driver Assist system that keeps a watch on the road ahead and around the vehicle, preparing to alert, warn and even slow down as the needs arise.  It’s great having these extra pair of eyes watching out for you.

The XV is a well-equipped, compact SUV.  You’ll find the leather seats in the flagship XV 2.0i-S to be well contoured and supple for the long journey.  The other models have a sophisticated cloth material to cover the comfortable seats.  Room in the rear seats is good, especially for an SUV in this size-bracket.  Without being huge, there is a handy luggage space (310 litres) at the rear for carrying gear for the holiday jaunt.  Other accessories like roof rails and a roof compartment can add to the functionality of the compact Subaru XV SUV.

Power is delivered in smooth succession via the new 2.0-litre, 4-cylinder Subaru petrol-fed boxer engine that peaks at 115 kW.  Torque is delivered sweetly throughout the revs but peaks at 196 Nm in the mid-range.  Fuel consumption when driven conservatively will often be lower than 7 litres/100 km, but you can expect 7 or a little more on average.  Very smooth performance is thanks to a CVT transmission for seamless gear changes and optimum torque delivery.

With an alluring sense of adventure, the 2017 Subaru XV is the real hero or heroine in your very own adventure story.  The trouble is, you need to buy one.  The 2017 Subaru XV is more than capable of providing enjoyable, reliable and safe crossover action on a daily basis.

The current 2017 Subaru XV models include the:

  • Subaru XV 2.0i
  • Subaru XV 2.0i-L
  • Subaru XV 2.0i Premium
  • Subaru XV 2.0i-S

Subaru XV 2017

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