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Volkswagen Touareg R5 TDI

The Volkswagen Touareg R5 TDI has the torque of diesel on tap for towing or off-roading.

It was tough not to ogle my friends Touareg R5 TDI. But it was the sheer size, finish and presence of the Touareg that got me hooked!

Exterior additions of chrome against shiny black metallic paint; huge, sporty sliver alloys, massive exhaust pipes and a large imposing chrome grille make for a very agreeable blend of Volkswagen design. This is a very large vehicle that makes a Patrol look tame.

Inside the SUV is impeccable build quality and magnificent, classy style. The leather seats are sumptuous, and the dash is elegantly designed with wood trim, leather and chrome finishing. Lots of soft blue lighting gives the Volkswagen Touareg R5 TDI a contemporary feel. These nice touches, and a black centre panel creates a classy environment that all passengers will enjoy and be impressed by. Features like steering wheel audio controls, climate control, electric seats, a sunroof and premium sounds make the trip in the Volkswagen Touareg R5 TDI all that more relaxing and enjoyable.

Traction off-road is exceptional. Any tough terrain can be tamed and just about any slope can be conquered. I guess most peoples will never experience the full off-road potential but it ic a nice thought to know that its all there if the need arose. Adventure holidays are a breeze, camping trips enjoyable and going to watch a game of footy couldn’t be more agreeable. A Volkswagen Touareg R5 TDI is as much at home on Sydney’s glitzy streets too. You have all the style and status that you could dream of when owning the suave VW Touareg R5 TDI. The vehicle is very nice to drive, and sensationally surefooted. Superior vision is backed up by parking sensors to make the power-assisted Touareg easy to glide around a city’s car parks. A comfortable ride whatever the road surface might be is part and parcel of the very fine Volkswagen package.

Plenty of squirt can be applied to the accelerator, and the resulting performance is exciting. Under the hood of the Volkswagen Touareg R5 TDI is a highly efficient 2.5 litre 128 kW 5-cylinder diesel engine that delivers an incredible 400Nm of torque at a mere 2250 rpm. The smooth and extremely fuel efficient operation is via a superior six-speed Tiptronic transmission. With this effortless power, pulling the boat, caravan, or horsefloat is no hard task.

Safety features are aplenty in the Volkswagen Touareg R5 TDI. And the solid nature of the rigid safety shell ensures that premium levels of safety will be upheld. Five star safety results ENCAP crash testing makes for pleasant reading.

Desiring the best stops at the Volkswagen Touareg R5 TDI.

The current model series includes the:

  • Volkswagen Touareg R5 TDI

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