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Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI

What does a Jetta look like, and how does she go? Read on to find out how the Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI is more than just a fashionable sedan on four wheels.

The bulldog is a friendly beast that, though is delightfully docile, can provide quite a bite if provoked. The gentleman-like appearance of Volkswagen’s latest Jetta is welcoming and handsome, however there is quite a punch lying in wait under the bonnet if the driving enthusiast goes hunting for it. I like this drive. The Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI is right up there with the best of the mid-sized diesel picks.

The Volkswagen Jetta comes with three diesel options. There is the 77 TDI model that has a 1.6 TD engine, the 103 TDI which has a base two-litre TD engine, and then there is the Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI which has the high performance two-litre turbo-diesel motor offering a lot of verve and dynamism. Fuel efficiency is not lacking in the swift Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI, but there is noticeably more power at the ready.

Open the throttle out on the motorway and the high advancened TDI engine packs on the pace with seemingly very little effort at all. You may not have guessed, but the 125 in the Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI model name stands for the 125 kW available at 4200 rpm. And where the Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI engine holds off all the other models for useable power is in the torque department. The 350 Nm of torque is available from as low as 1750 – 2500 rpm, and is fed via a six-speed DSG gearbox to the front wheels in slick fashion. Evidently, the performance of the Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI is very brisk, and highly capable of getting you to the next board room meeting well on time. Always ready to pounce, the Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI can complete the 0-100 km/h sprint in a sprightly 8.5 seconds. And in true, traditional Volkswagen style, the performance is blended with some of the most economical sports driving you will find anywhere on the globe. You can expect a 5.9 litres/100 km return to be the norm for a combined city and country run.

Volkswagen’s cutting-edge TDI engines have diesel particulate filters and the most up-to-date Common Rail technology that injects precise amounts of fuel at exceedingly high pressure. The result is a cleaner burning engine with exceptional fuel economy, impressive torque and gripping performance.

Take a Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI out to the twisty roads, and you will find that the road holding is explicitly capable. The level grip and balanced feel to the car’s progress is of exceptional quality. A true driver’s car; and with the usable point to point strengths of a performing diesel engine the Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI can cover the ground remarkably quickly in effortless silence.

Enter the Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI cabin environment, and the vibes offer high sophistication and simple elegance; a paradigm perhaps, but sophisticated because all the necessary high technology is there – and the car does all this with satisfying aplomb; and simple because the clear, readable ergonomic design of the Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI is beautiful. Nice trim and tactile materials make spending time in the Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI a very pleasant experience. Seating is fantastic, and the upholstery work on the Sports alcantara / cloth combination seat upholstery is first rate. Leather seats are optional, but I think I like the cloth seats better! A matter of opinion, I guess.

The Volkswagen Jetta 125 TDI is a well equipped car and boasts premium luxury throughout. Blue tooth communications is optional, while the all important premium safety features are not. The Volkswagen Jetta 125 TD is a very solidly built car that has excellent safety records. A five-star rating in the Euro NCAP tests for the Golf models back this up. The Jetta is a Golf with a boot. Or better described: a sedan Golf. Equipped with all the important high end-safety features the Golf scored a near perfect 16 out of 16.

Enquire today, particularly if you want a practical, classy, efficient sports diesel sedan – without spending the earth to buy one.

The current model series includes the:

  • Jetta 125 TDI

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