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Volkswagen Passat Wagon

Clean lines, leather, top class build quality and driving pleasure belong to the new Volkswagen Passat Wagon.

Model Update

If you like wagons, then the brand new Volkswagen Passat Wagon range are brilliant as load carriers, luxurious as people movers and sporty for the driving enthusiast.

The new design still retains the qualities of the outgoing model: room, tremendous build quality and punchy performance.

The very best features make this a lovely wagon to own. Things like comfortable seats, sound ergonomics, an automated tailgate opener, LED daytime running lights, an intelligent DSG transmission, lane assist, adaptive cruise control, a driver fatigue detection system and a brand new RCD510 audio system.

You are going to like this one, so do check it out.

Take the new Volkswagen Passat Wagon out for a spin, and the level of composure, refinement and luxury is quite breathtaking. Even the Volkswagen Passat 1.8TSI Wagon is nicely equipped with all the essential equipment to make your journey an enjoyable and memorable experience. When you step inside the Passat Wagon the soft leather, chrome highlights, comfortable seats and ample storage areas are made with quality workmanship, and are practical in their design. One thing that is evident about Volkswagen vehicles is that they are made so well and thus shine with quality. The tiniest of details is completed and finished with the highest levels of craftsmanship.

Driver fatigue is dangerous and the Volkswagen Passat Wagon has an intuitive system that is designed to alert the driver when the level of driver responsiveness indicates fatigue. When driver fatigue is detected the system alerts them with a warning sound and recommends that you take a break. Speaking of keeping your trip safe – the Passat Wagon is equipped with the latest active and passive safety features.

Would the Volkswagen Passat Wagon rate for being a rugged and reliable “Mum’s Taxi”? What should any serious Mum’s Taxi have? Does the Volkswagen Passat Wagon have what it takes?

Mum’s Taxi should be able to carry four or more children plus the driver, and all should be able to see out the window. It should have enough room so that children don’t spend the entire journey hitting each other (much) or playing “Let’s Squash the Middle Passenger Each Time We Corner”. Mum’s Taxi should have enough luggage space to hold all sporting equipment used by the household on a permanent basis and still have room left over for the shopping and/or the dog. This space should be able to be increased on demand to cope with long loads such as Christmas trees if needed. The driver’s seat and the steering wheel should be adjustable, so if Dad (who’s 6’2”) takes his turn doing the school/sports/shops run, he won’t have to try to fit into Mum’s driving position (and she’s 5’4”). The car should be cool enough so that a teenager learning to drive doesn’t cringe with shame when spotted behind the wheel. Being seen with parents teaching you to drive is bad enough. Coolness applies to looks, sounds and gadgets. And lastly, the ideal Mum’s Taxi should be a safe car, especially if the teenager is learning to drive in it.

So how does the new Volkswagen Passat Wagon rate?

Seating and visibility: The Volkswagen Passat Wagon seats five very comfortably, indeed. So the likelihood of children elbowing each other accidentally is kept to a minimum. The rear armrest also helps separate warring parties, if needed. Big windows are spacious – and electrically controlled – allowing everyone, even the passenger in the middle of the back seat, to get a good view of their surroundings. And from the driver’s perspective, this visibility is improved by dusk-sensing halogen headlights and the optional front and rear sensors. These sensors let you know about stray bikes and dogs lurking in the driveway where you can’t see them. Also, on the topic of visibility and windows, a sunroof with a blind is available as an option. A handy child booster seat is an optional extra.

Luggage space: The VW Passat Wagon has over 1700-litres of space ready to use when the seats fold flat – and still remains a very generous and handy space for when the back seats are upright. On top of this, the Passat Wagon has a number of storage compartments tucked around the cabin – including an umbrella compartment with drainage in the driver’s door and even a roof compartment. Roof rails also come as a standard fitting – so that Christmas trees can go on the roof if needed (hint: put the trunk end facing forward to stop the branches getting damaged in transit and to reduce drag).

Adjustable driving position: Yes, the Volkswagen Passat Wagon has a driver’s seat that is electronically adjustable six or more ways, and the headrests are also height adjustable.

Coolness factor: The brand new Volkswagen Passat Wagon has classy styling, as you would expect from any well-built German car. The colour range available for the Passat Wagon range seems to be inspired by natural materials, with metallic and pearlescent paint forming the mainstay of the choices. The chrome trim on the Passat’s exterior contrasts nicely with the pearlescent black paint, and blends well with the various silvery options. The overall stance of the Volkswagen Passat Wagon is angular and dynamic, with a slight hint towards the toughness of an SUV in its lines. On the inside, the coolness continues with a CD and MP3-compatible sound system boasting eight speakers and a touch-screen display. Dual zone climate control, rain-sensing wipers, and three auxiliary jacks around the cabin make it a high-end, high-tech wagon.

On the safety front, the Volkswagen Passat Wagon has no less than eight airbags as part of its passive safety system, and these back up the tough body cell compartment that is cushioned by the carefully-designed crumple zones. This is the Passat Wagon’s last line of defence after the Anti-Slip Regulation, the ABS brakes with EBD and the ESP package – standard features on all Volkswagen Passat Wagon variants – have done their part to keep you and your family safe.

Engines? You’ve got a few choices here. First on the list comes the Volkswagen Passat Wagon 125TDI Highline Wagon. This one is a clean-burning CRD diesel that gives 125 kW of power and a juicy 350 Nm of torque for towing the caravan. Stop/Start technology maximises the vehicle’s fuel economy whether in the town or out in the straights.

Next comes the Volkswagen Passat Wagon 118TSI Wagon. Petrol fed, this model is popping out 118 kW of power. The engine always feels athletic and flexible.

Finally, the very stylish Passat V6 FSI Highline Wagon is a beautiful car to drive and has enough torque to hold its own against the diesels (350 Nm) but passes them in the power stakes with 220 kW. The V6FSI has a higher level of coolness (to use the teenage definition), with more inside speakers, a lowered sports suspension, 12-way adjustable seats, a roof spoiler and a whole lot more.

Ladies and gentlemen, one of the hottest hot contenders for Mum’s Taxi of the Year Award: The Volkswagen Passat Wagon.

The current model series includes the:

  • Volkswagen Passat 125TDI Wagon
  • Volkswagen Passat 118TSI Wagon
  • Volkswagen Passat V6 FSI Highline Wagon

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