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Mitsubishi Aspire

Great to drive, and quite special, the Mitsubishi Aspire is a class act.

Model Update

What differentiates the latest Mitsubishi Aspire from the current Mitsubishi Lancer models is a whole lot more luxury and style wrapped up in the overall package. The Mitsubishi Aspire’s body is the same as the Lancer, however it really is so much more deluxe and stately.

Expect lots of goodies because that is what you’ll get. A Smart key entry also acts as an anti theft device. Cup-holders with covers, powered windows in the rear, a centre armrest in the rear with cup-holders, rear seat adjustable head rests and leather seats are just a start for the cosseting Aspire. Rain sensing wipers, HID headlamps, front spoiler, dusk sensing headlamps and fog lamps are a few of the exterior features on offer, as well. Bluetooth communications, satellite navigation and a very nice audio system make for an entertaining drive.

From every angle, the Mitsubishi Aspire looks very appealing, nimble and sporty. And the car proves to be very practical, reliable and smooth in its operation. Swift performance from a grunty 2.4-litre petrol engine makes the grippy Aspire an enjoyable, surefooted drive – while the handy 400 litres of boot space is a welcome addition to the comfortable and spacious ride.

Aspire [æ spai ǝ] 1. (verb, transitive) To have a high ambition or lofty goals. Usually used in the phrase aspire to x. 2. (noun) a very classy and sophisticated executive sedan from Mitsubishi.

Do you have high ambition or lofty goals? Owning the new Mitsubishi Aspire may indeed be a lofty goal, but as this very tasteful and luxurious model is aimed at the executive end of the market, it is the sort of car you treat yourself to once you have achieved your high ambitions – or to promise yourself that you will achieve your high ambitions.

The design team at Mitsubishi had a few lofty goals themselves when they were drawing up and planning what to put into the new Aspire. The dream was to create a luxury vehicle to add to their range of vehicles – a vehicle that can sit comfortably beside the better known Mitsi vehicles, such as the Evos. The original Mitsubishi Aspire was based on the older Galant/Sigma but with a bigger, better engine and more features – and a higher level of luxury than the old family sedan/wagons of the 1980s.

Have the design team achieved their lofty goals for the Mitsubishi Aspire? Well, judge for yourself.

Let’s start with the engine, the reason that the Aspire was given its name. The Mitsubishi Aspire uses GDI (gasoline direct injection) technology to give higher power outputs along with greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The current model of Mitsubishi Aspire features a 2.4 litre DOHC 16 valve MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing Electronic Control system – Mitsubishi’s special VVT technology) engine. What this translates to is 125 kW of power at 6000 rpm and 226 Nm of torque 4100 rpm – torque figures that are normally associated with diesel engines, which this one isn’t. What’s really great about this unit is the way it doesn’t just give great power on tap in the optimum rev range but as across the board as possible, so you’ve got the power when you need it. This power is harnessed via the sporty INVECS III CVT auto transmission with Sport Mode. Throw in the sports tuned suspension (multi-link rear; MacPherson struts in the front) for an even better ride that combines performance with ride comfort.

But the Mitsubishi Aspire isn’t just about the engine. This vehicle is about luxury and convenience, and you’ll find plenty of technological wizardry from the Mitsubishi team inside and out of the Aspire. In fact, you’ll even notice some of the features before you get the car with the Smart Key, a device that automatically detects when you are within to70 cm of the front door or the access to the capacious boot, and allows you to lock, unlock and even start the engine without taking your keys out of your bag. Other features you may notice before you get into the Mitsubishi Aspire are the dazzling adaptive HID headlights with a dusk-sensing feature and the rain sensing window wipers. Inside, you’ve got all the usual creature comforts around the tastefully trimmed seats, such as power windows, cupholders and adjustable headrests (which are part of the safety features as well as being oh-so comfy), and the wood-grain trimmed dash houses the audio system, complete with MP3 audio jackpoints (but the controls are mounted on the steering wheel). The dash is uncluttered and well laid out, and the optional 7-inch screen for DVD navigation doesn’t look like it’s just been stuck on as an afterthought – it’s been part of the design from the start.

Safety – well, the Mitsubishi Aspire has got the lot, active and passive. Active safety features include a stability control package plus Traction Control to keep the tyres going in the direction you want them, and a comprehensive ABS braking safety system incorporating EBD and Brake Assist. On the passive front, the Mitsi Aspire hides Mitsubishi’s RISE bodyshell technology, which is rigid where you need it, but crumply where you need to absorb impact. The Mitsubishi Aspire also has driver and passenger front SRS dual stage airbags, side and curtain airbags, and a driver’s knee airbag. So you’re well covered in the case of a crash, and you have everything you need to help you get out of a crash if things start getting hairy.

Last but not least, the Mitsubishi Aspire certainly looks the part of an executive sedan. While it hasn’t got the super-sporty looks of its Lancer cousins, the Aspire certainly looks like it can take you places with speed, style and performance. From the tasteful chrome-trimmed exhaust to the fog lamps and front spoiler, the Mitsubishi Aspire is a delight to the eye – and even more of a delight to drive.

The current model series includes the:

  • Aspire CVT
  • Aspire 6-speed Auto
  • Aspire 5-speed Manual

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