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ASX Diesel

The urban SUV is definitely here to stay. We’ve pretty much got used to them, so there’s no more sneering about “urban tractors” and the like. However, even the fiercest detractor who thinks that the true domain of the SUV is somewhere Beyond The Black Stump would probably be able to approve of the Mitsubishi ASX Diesel.

The Mitsubishi ASX Diesel has been designed for the typical suburban family driver. It’s not a massive big bruiser that intimidates other road users and really doesn’t look fully at home parked outside the supermarket. It’s definitely a city vehicle, and getting it into a parking space outside the mall isn’t going to be a nightmare, no matter how clumsy you are at parking. However, it does have the high stance and extra visibility of an SUV – plus the ability to go off road when needed.

And the Mitsubishi ASX Diesel has a diesel engine (duh!). This means that it’s going to be quite good at towing and will have a tad more torque than its petrol-powered stablemates. Actually, we’re talking about just about double the torque: 360 Nm as opposed to the 197 of the petrol-powered siblings. This level of torque is available well down in the range, namely 1500–2750 rpm. What’s more, the powers that be at Mitsubishi have decided that the Mitsubishi ASX Diesel will always be a four-paw rather than offering a 2WD option. I have more than a slight suspicion that the Mitsubishi ASX Diesel will be a popular choice for small-scale contractors, as you’ve got the frugality and the ease of manoeuvring of a medium sized city hatchback but the ground clearance, grip and towing ability of a 4×4. This 2.2 litre engine in the Mitsubishi ASX Diesel is quite frugal, too, being typically around 5.8 L/100 km, although this will sneak up somewhat if you do use the Mitsubishi ASX Diesel for towing a lot (maximum towing capacity with a braked trailer is 1400 kg – and the Mitsubishi ASX Diesel only weighs 1530 kg kerb mass).

You have two choices available if you like the general styling and the motor in the Mitsubishi ASX Diesel: the basic 4WD and the Aspire 4WD. Both of these are harnessed to a six-speed automatic transmission – yet another hint that this is designed to be an urban four-paw rather than a serious bush-basher. However, the Mitsubishi ASX Diesel Aspire has AWC (all-wheel control), which allows you to switch between two-wheel drive and four-wheel-drive when you want to – and you can even do this at speeds of up to 100 km/h. The Aspire variant of the Mitsubishi ASX Diesel is the classier option, with a lot of extras thrown in, such as the panoramic glass roof, the dusk-sensing headlights, rain-sensing wipers, 17-inch alloy wheels (the basic Mitsubishi ASX Diesel gets 16-inch wheels) and the Smart Key that unlocks the doors for you while it’s still in your pocket, as long as you’re 70 cm away from the vehicle.

Both variants have similar exterior and interior styling, with the panoramic sunroof on the Aspire being the main thing you’ll notice. Both types have the rear lip spoiler, the chrome-tipped exhaust, the leather-wrapped steering wheel and gearshift knob, the fog lights and the bucket seats. You also won’t see any difference in the Bluetooth connectivity, the climate control, the cruise control or the safety features (both active and passive). The differences between the two variants are:

  • The Mitsubishi ASX Diesel Aspire has heated power seats, while those on the regular variant have neither a power function nor heating.
  • The Mitsubishi ASX Diesel Aspire has six speakers in the sound system instead of four.
  • The Mitsubishi ASX Diesel Aspire has a 7-inch touch-screen display panel with navigation and SD card input, while the basic variant gets 6.1 inches and no navigation.
  • The Mitsubishi ASX Diesel Aspire has a one-touch start system, which is linked to the Smart Key.

To summarise, the Mitsubishi ASX Diesel is a good all-round family vehicle that would also be a good pick for a tradesperson who does a lot of towing. It’s good to drive and the 4×4 function is useful on gravel roads, although this isn’t a serious heavy-duty off roader. It’s got decent seating for five people and is the sort of vehicle that would see your family right from toddlers to teenagers… with room for the dog in the back.

Current model series include:

  • Mitsubishi ASX Diesel

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