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Kia Carnival

Kia Carnival

Model Update

There’s always a vehicle that has a fully integrated design offering the complete people moving experience. Right now, Kia is offering the 2010 Carnival with a five year/unlimited kilometre warranty. Let’s take a look at some of the standout features that this prominent vehicle has on offer.

First of all there is the cabin space. There is enough room in the new Kia Carnival to comfortably carry eight occupants – and you can be a tall basketball player stretching your feet out, and still feel relaxed.

Inside, there are numerous luxury features that help keep the Carnival ahead of the field. Big and powerful, the engine lopes along, relaxed and effortless at highway speeds. The suspension is solid and designed to remain taut and fully in control with a full load aboard. A tilt adjustable steering column and multifunction driver’s seat makes for a perfect fit, cruise control with steering wheel mounted controls reign the power in. Very nice velour trim charms the seats. Safety is spearheaded with the latest driver and front passenger SRS airbags. Front side SRS airbags provide head, pelvis and thorax protection. Curtain SRS airbags extend the full length of the Kia Carnival cabin. Pre-tensioners, ESP, TCS, ABS, EBD and BA are there too. A USB audio input with iPod compatibility, an MP3 compatible CD player and six-speakers top it all off.

The Kia Carnival isn’t a best seller for no reason!

Kia Motors assembles its Kia Carnival in Hwasun, South Korea. And what a piece of Asian motoring excellence it is!

Cast your eye over the roomy exterior design and what becomes apparent is the ease with which the clean and functional design will swallow up eight occupants in comfort, with some room spare to carry luggage. The Kia Carnival’s practicality is second to none, and is matched up nicely with a smart grille that displays Kia’s oval badge. The headlights are crisp and angular, and the sweeping waistline runs from the eye-catching front lights back to the chunky taillights at the rear. Looking at the back end of the Kia Carnival, the curvaceous bumper and upright rear door lines give a look of strength and muscle. Chrome exterior finishings give the Kia Carnival a look of class.

To lift luggage into the Kia Carnival becomes a breeze with the high opening fifth door and a low bumper level floor plan. Slide open the two rear doors on each side of the Kia Carnival, and access to the second and third seats is superb. The rear seating is adjustable so that extra leg room can be obtained for tall adults, and are supportive so that long journeys can be performed in comfort. To add to comfort levels, tray tables with cupholders fold neatly away on the back of the front seats, while six cupholders are conveniently situated throughout the cabin. The light and roomy cabin is pleasant and has lovely upholstered cloth trim seats. With tri-zone air conditioning, the Kia Carnival ensures that all its occupants can relax and sit back in comfort. When passengers are seated and the journey is in progress, a quality six-speaker sound system can be clearly enjoyed by all.

The base model Kia Carnival boasts a 2.7 litre V6 petrol engine. The engine is an advanced aluminium block design and has improved fuel efficiency and excellent mid-range torque. Maximum power is 139 kW, which is achieved at 6000 rpm. What you will really enjoy, and is necessary, is the strong torque of 249 Nm at its maximum when the engine speed is spinning at 4000 rpm. The torquey motor pulls well, particularly when engine revs are in the optimum zone at 4000 rpm for brisk overtaking and pulling power. It can be a five-speed load carrier, with a four-speed tiptronic-style auto available as an option. Pay a bit more for your Kia Carnival and you could enjoy the benefit of the Kia Grand Carnival, which has the premium 3.8 litre 184 kW motor that has effortless torque and pulling power with figures of 343 Nm at 3500 rpm. This is a wonderfully refined motor that is so smooth and flexible. It comes with the five-speed automatic tiptronic-style auto as standard. The Kia Grand Carnival Premium model is the top of the range and is powered by the same motor as the Kia Grand Carnival but has all those tasty extras thrown into the mix, which gives the ultimate people-moving experience with al the bells and whistles at an affordable price.

All models of Kia Carnival come with disc brakes all round and sit neatly on big 225/70 R16 tyres to offer good levels of grip and handling. The Kia Carnival performs well and is a stable and refined ride. The Kia Grand Carnival Premium boasts a package that consists of front and side SRS airbags in the front, and curtain SRS airbags the full length of the body, and TCS and ESP for greater handling prowess. But every Kia Carnival has ABS as standard and dual airbags in the front. EBD and brake assist also come as standard specs.

The Kia Carnival is built to please and to be driven; it is a car for any occasion for up to eight people and a car that makes a lot of sense.

Current model series include:

  • Kia Carnival EX 2.7
  • Kia Carnival Grand Carnival 5 Door 3.8 V6

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