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Cerato Sedan

Creating new developments are part of the way we human beings do life. We make cars to evolve into better cars, while the majority, as human beings, tend to evolve into more obese, less fit, play station playing oddities. I wonder why cars seem to get the better deal. A lot of new cars, like the Kia Cerato Sedan, are becoming more agile, lighter and packed with muscular power to carry up to five people in safety and efficiency.

A magical price for what you get, the next generation Kia Cerato Sedan has actually gained some room, improved in the safety arena and continues to provide a load of sophisticated equipment that you’d usually find in cars with a premium price tag. Australian’s need to know that the Korean car makers know what they are up to when creating cars like the Generation III Cerato Sedan, offering some very appealing cars to challenge prominent cars which find themselves being bought more often – like the likes of a Toyota Corolla or Mazda 3. This is a bigger, bolder, better Kia Cerato ready for action and ready to capture a slice of the action away from the top sellers.

At the heart of the next generation Kia Cerato Sedan is a perky new 1.8-litre, DOHC petrol engine that puts out a willing 110 kW of power at 6500 rpm. The six-speed manual Cerato Sedan whisks along at open road speeds with ease, and can power past slower traffic smartly. Torque is prominent in the mid-range, and the small sedan can complete the 0-100 km/h sprint in a time well clear of ten seconds. A 2.0-litre petrol motor is also available with a maximum of 129 kW, and the torquier motor has markedly more power and torque, and is, actually, a lot of fun to drive.

When you buy a new Kia Cerato Sedan, you’ll experience a modern engine that permits efficient motoring. Fuel efficiency is what the Cerato does well, and in 1.8-litre, manual guise the combined fuel consumption figure of 6.6 litres/100 km is right at the top of the class competitors. The 1.8-litre automatic slips to around 7 litres/100 km. In 2.0-litre form, the Cerato Sedan sips fuel at a rate around the mid sevens.

This is the third generation Kia Cerato, and we’ve found that Kia have asked locals around Australia to tune the suspension for Australian conditions. You’ll find that this is another improvement over the 2nd generation Cerato, and the independent struts at the front and torsion beam at the rear do a great job of soaking up the bumps. Designed for competent handling, the third generation Kia Cerato Sedan is rewarding to drive.

You’ve got to like the handsome styling. Strong, fluent lines are complemented with striking exterior features like the deeply recessed front air dam, bold headlights and beautiful alloy wheels. Si and SLi Cerato Sedans boast features that enhance your driving experience. A rear view camera, HID headlamps (SLi only), Parking Assist – which is really cool, and the SLi versions get a ventilated driver’s seat – a great asset on hot, sticky summer days.

I would find it very hard to complain about the price you have to pay for a new Kia Cerato S Sedan. You can purchase the base model for under $20k, which gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Keyless entry, front and rear parking sensors, power mirrors, stability control, Bluetooth communications, steering wheel mounted controls and a six-speaker audio system. Pretty convincing, eh?

Kia provides all of their new cars with an exceptional five year/100, 000 km warranty. Kia Cerato Generation III: a sharp looker with a loaded equipment list… makes a lot of sense.

The current generation III Kia Cerato Sedan models include the:

  • Cerato Sedan S (1.8-litre, manual/auto)
  • Cerato Sedan Si (1.8-litre, manual/auto)
  • Cerato Sedan SLi (1.8-litre, manual/auto)
  • Cerato Sedan S (2.0-litre, manual/auto)
  • Cerato Sedan Si (2.0-litre, manual/auto)
  • Cerato Sedan SLi (2.0-litre, manual/auto)

For any more information on the new Kia Cerato Sedan or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Kia dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!

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