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Honda Jazz

Delighfully responsive, the new Honda Jazz is safe and practical and could easily be given top spot in the small car category.

Model Update

Would you like a car that sips fuel, parks with ease and burps low emissions? The latest Honda Jazz looks like a peach too. Sharp styling starts with a Jazz; the harmonious lines and globulus curves allow the little car to slip effortlessly through the air. This is the definitely the small-car model that you want to be seen in.

Arguably the most powerful little car in its class, the low-emission Honda Jazz 1.3 litre motor boasts 73 kW and a five-speed manual or automatic gearbox. Slip into the 1.5 litre VTi engines and the very responsive 88 kW motor is great fun to drive. Boasting taut chassis that hug the road, a Honda Jazz has a dynamic flavour with the way it does the business. And when linked to strong drive trains there is always plenty of power when the need arises.

Honda’s magic seat system, accessory 12V plug, air-conditioning and strong five-star safety package give the latest Honda Jazz loads to crow about.

Got the blues? Do you want to drive about in something that isn’t a heavy piece of metal? Try playing jazz – the Honda Jazz.

Though the Honda Jazz is small, Honda’s enviable reputation for refinement and reliability shine through clearly. Take a little look at the exterior of the Honda Jazz and you will see just some of the great styling and body features that saw the Honda Jazz win the Japan Car of the Year in 2001 and 2002 – with a few updated twists here and there. To begin with, though the Honda Jazz is a little car – it only measures 3.8 metres long, 1.675 metres wide and 1.525 metres high, with the Honda Jazz Sport being a tiny bit longer – your view of the road isn’t small. The windscreen and side windows are comparatively massive, allowing excellent visibility. The green glass all around reduces glare for all occupants (and is easy on the eye from the outside). The chunky looks of the exterior are echoed on the inside with the rounded adjustment knobs and analogue dials in the control panel. The headlights are particularly attractive, blending nicely into the lines of the sloping bonnet but still having enough character and expression to give the Honda Jazz a bit of personality.

However, even though the Honda Jazz looks small, it’s spacious enough inside. In fact the little Honda Jazz has class leading interior room. And some models of the Honda Jazz have a very nifty optional feature in the front passenger seat that is perfect for passengers with limited mobility: the Swivel Seat that spins to allow passengers to get in and out with ease, even from a wheelchair. In the standard Honda Jazz, the Magic Seat System allows the cargo space to be dramatically expanded with a flat floor. And with all seats up, the Honda Jazz can fit five people in style and in reasonable comfort. Air conditioning and steering-wheel mounted controls for the single-CD sound system are other standard features inside the Honda Jazz.

And what’s under the snappy little hood of the Honda Jazz? In the standard version of the Honda Jazz, you’ll find a thrifty (5.7 litres per 100 km in the manual) little 1.3 litre petrol engine that can pop out a top torque of 119 Nm at 2800 rpm and a maximum power of 61 kW at 5700 rpm. If you’re wanting to find a bit more oomph – hot jazz rather than slow jazz – then the Honda Jazz Sport has a 1.5 litre engine that pumps out 81 kW of power at 6000 revs and 143 Nm of torque at 4800 rpm. Doesn’t seem like much power? Well, when you remember that power is derived from force, which in turn is derived from mass in kg, then it becomes obvious that a little whizzer like the Honda Jazz doesn’t need as much power to be a lot of fun and perform well. And the standard Honda Jazz has a performance enhancing Intelligent Dual and Sequential Ignition in the engine, helping you get the most out of the little ripper. And the VTEC engine in the Honda Jazz Sport is another great enhancement.

Small cars need great safety features, and the Honda Jazz has got what it takes here. Not only does it have the active safety features such as the ABS braking that works in tandem with the EBD and emergency brake assist, the Honda Jazz also has plenty of passive safety features. The chief of these is the G-force control technology body shell, the side intrusion beams and the collapsible steering column. Passengers inside the Honda Jazz are kept well cushioned with the front and side airbags, and they’re kept firmly in place with the front seat height adjustable pretensioned seatbelts with load limiters. Honda has passed ANCAP crash testing with flying colours. Its five-star safety result is class leading.

The Honda Jazz Sport takes the fun and pizzazz of the Honda Jazz to a new level. This hot little hatch comes with a funky sports body kit that includes 15″ alloy wheels, sports bumpers, side skirts, a stylish roof spoiler, front fog lamps and sports badging. Inside the Honda Jazz Sport, you’ll also find a leather steering wheel, plus all the standard Honda Jazz bells and whistles.

For a small car with a good bit of sparkle and personality – and driving fun – the Honda Jazz is a great choice.

Current model series include:

  • Honda Jazz 1.3 GLi
  • Honda Jazz 1.5 VTi
  • Honda Jazz 1.5 VTi-S

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