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Honda Civic Hybrid

Model Update

Honda’s hybrid power really works in the smaller Civic body. The sleek, aerodynamic styling is enhanced even more with the petrol/electric motor. The more modern design for 2011 ensures that the aerodynamic exterior is as fresh and head turning, as ever.

Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid technology system combines a 1.3-litre i-VTEC petrol engine with a lightweight, high-output electric motor. When you brake or decelerate the hybrid engine can recharge its own batteries. Stopping the car at traffic lights or at an intersection gives the Civic Hybrid time to shut down with its nifty AUTO STOP feature. This feature automatically turns off the petrol engine to minimise fuel consumption and emissions. The car sits silently as you wait in traffic or at stop lights. Then, as soon as you release the brake, the engine restarts quietly, quickly and automatically. Progress is ever so fuel efficient when the ingenious Honda Civic Hybrid manages an extremely low 4.6 litres/100 kilometre average.

Inside, the modern interior is very nicely styled and finished with quality trimming. The digital speedometer, blue illumination, electric windows and air conditioning equip the 2011 Civic Hybrid with useful features. And, very importantly, a convenient MP3 player auxiliary jack, and an MP3/WMA compatible six-CD tuner sound system with speed sensitive volume plays crystal clear music just the way you like it.

Sensible people think rational cars. Wise and sensible people may think about a purchasing a new, luxurious Honda. Honda uses engineering intelligence that offers swift, efficient and reliable motoring. It might just be that wise, sensible and considerate people will think Honda Civic Hybrid.

The Honda Civic Hybrid is the world’s leading hybrid vehicle. It isn’t the world’s only hybrid, but it is one of the very best. Plenty of cars have a crack at hybrid technology but you can bet your bottom dollar they mightn’t end up as precise as Honda’s handiwork.

So what’s on offer? Honda has the new and cleverly engineered new Honda Civic Hybrid that has ultra low emissions and, under certain driving conditions, it can even run exclusively on electric power.

The Honda Civic Hybrid kicks off with a very elegantly designed medium-sized four-door, sedan styled body. Very aerodynamic, the profile maximises the vehicle’s cabin space and minimises the drag. The Civic Hybrid’s sleek, sweeping lines cut through the air leaving a super low carbon footprint and a few ruffled air molecules. This is a car that takes good, sporty looks and combines the style with sensible environmentally gracious technology. From the front, the car’s sharp looking nose is arrow-like in its balanced and alluring design. The long windshield sweeps dramatically backward, while a new six-sided grille, front bumper and rear give the Civic hybrid a very nice updated appearance.

Slip inside the very polished interior, and the multiplex dash puts all the important information right at the front, and centre, of the driver’s dash display. On the back-lit, dual-level displays you’ll find the Civic Hybrid’s unique display for the battery charge level and the IMA ‘charge’, ‘assist’ and ‘AUTO STOP’ displays. Be amazed as you drive and watch the handy Average Fuel Consumption Indicator reveal startling fuel economy data. The Honda Civic Hybrid features manual tilt and telescope steering wheel adjustment. The steering wheel also boasts audio controls on the left side of the steering wheel for volume and channel selection. Cruise control buttons are located on the right side of the steering wheel. Take a look at the awesome digital speedometer display! The seating is pleasantly roomy and comfortable. Leg room in the rear is very adequate for long legged folk.

Safety is of premium importance to the designers at Honda. Not only does the Civic Hybrid provide the protection of front, side and curtain airbags, its front airbags provide extra protection to passenger and driver. Honda’s sophisticated dual-stage, dual-threshold system optimises the airbag deployment to match the speed and severity of a crash. It also helps to minimise injuries that can sometimes be caused by airbags themselves. Honda’s Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system monitors individual wheel speed, steering angle and lateral G-force. If it detects oversteering, understeering or traction loss, it can brake individual wheels and/or reduce engine speed to help keep you in constant control. Along with an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), the Civic Hybrid features Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, which distributes braking force to each wheel based on the passenger load. To put out of harm’s way, the When the security alarm is activated, the immobiliser provides a powerful theft deterrent by shutting down the engine’s fuel injection and ignition. Only a matching digital code in the ignition key can override it.

The 1.3 litre engine offers plenty of lively performance. The Civic Hybrid feels peppy in response, just like all Hondas are, but it is powered by Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid technology system. The IMA system combines a 1.3-litre i-VTEC petrol engine with a lightweight, high-output electric motor that assists the engine during acceleration and at higher speeds. Then, when you’re braking, decelerating or going downhill, it recharges its own batteries.

So, why not drive a world leader in fuel efficiency, style and performance. Honda’s premium brand just keeps on getting better.

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