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2024 Honda CR-V SUV hybrid exterior in red.
2024 Honda CR-V SUV hybrid in red.

Need something solid, reliable, and with enough space inside to accommodate the whole family?  The stylish new Honda CR-V Hybrid boasts some pretty decent ULP fuel consumption figures and low emissions.  It also comes with a 5 year/unlimited km warranty, so life is pretty good for a new owner of Honda’s latest CR-V SUV Hybrid. 

Honda have always made their CR-V well.  Ever since the first CR-V became available back in the mid-nineties, each progressive model offered plenty of space, comfort, and a new level of technology.  That’s why the CR-V is liked the whole world over.  It is a testament to how well these vehicles have been made that so many of the older CR-Vs are still happily travelling the roads – a number of these with some pretty high mileages showing on the odometer.  

Yes, times have changed, but fundamentally, the 2024 Honda CR-V SUV remains a comfortable, safe, mid-to-large SUV with the latest essential technology.  But now, with the addition of a 2.0-litre hybrid motor added into the mix, it has become an even more fuel efficient and practical SUV than ever before.  On average, Honda’s new hybrid CR-V can easily return 6.8 litres/100 km on a daily basis, which includes mooching about in a combination of city, light urban, and a bit of open road driving.  WLTP numbers suggest the 6.4 litres/100 km is the combined average.  As far as CO2 emissions go, the Honda CR-V Hybrid SUV puts out an admirably low 146 g/km. 

Power and torque output for the 2.0-litre ULP engine on its own stands at 109 kW and 183 Nm, respectively.  However, add the extra grunt and backing of the electric motor, and the total available outputs via the hybrid equation rises to 135 kW and 335 Nm – a much more convincing effort on paper and in real-world driving conditions.  From a standstill, if you give the 2024 Honda CR-V hybrid SUV the full shove along, the 0–100 km/h dash is over in 7.85 seconds.  Whereas, for a good indication of how quickly the vehicle can pull out and pass slower traffic, the 5.8 seconds over 164 metres that it takes to get it moving from 80 km/h through to 120 km/h paints a respectable picture of the Honda CR-V hybrid SUV being a brisk enough machine that is more than adequate for most daily commuters. 

A comfortable driver’s seat is the first important must for any decent car, and the new Honda CR-V hybrid SUV delivers this.  It is easy to get comfortable with plenty of steering wheel adjustment along with seat height, seat recline, and seat slide adjustment.  All of the driver’s seat adjustments are powered, and it boasts two memory functions – great for a happy marriage!  From the cockpit, the view over the bonnet is really very good, and the new model’s A-pillars are smaller than before.

2024 Honda CR-V SUV hybrid interior
2024 Honda CR-V SUV hybrid interior

I like the mesh ventilation strip that runs the length of the dash.  The infotainment screen sits centre stage and is not ostentatiously in your face, like it is on some other cars.  All the necessary apps are loaded into the on-board processing system, so phone connections, communications, music, satellite navigation, etc., are all there.  There are handy ‘Home’ and ‘Back’ buttons to make gliding through the touchscreen an easy process to master.  There is also a real volume control feature, and some steering wheel controls.  Wireless charging, some decent-sized cup holders, and door bins for drink bottles come as part of the package.  All the active safety features are working for you, and the one I like the most is the active cruise control feature that works to keep you a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. 

The drivetrain is smooth, with power heading out to the front wheels only via the electronic CVT gearbox that is the only option for the new hybrid CR-V.  ABS and ESC work with you to keep the car in line under hard braking and over slippery road conditions.  The decent-sized front and rear disc brakes haul the CR-V hybrid SUV in from high speeds quickly, and there is also the latest crash avoidance technology on board for added peace of mind.  Honda’s new hybrid SUV sits on 235/55/19 rubber, and from a steering perspective, and at the helm, the driver has good feedback on how this SUV is connected with the road.  This CR-V tracks nicely, even when pushed hard through the cornering duties.  For a roomy SUV, the Honda CR-V Hybrid is pleasant to drive, ironing out all the road undulations nicely, and with a maximum cabin noise of 71.9 decibels at 100 km/h, this is a relaxing space for all occupants.  There is only a bit of tyre noise making its way into the relaxed cabin ambience. 

Always seeking to maximise cabin space, Honda have done well delivering comfortable seating for front and rear occupants in this larger CR-V.  At 4701 mm long, 1866 mm wide, and 1681 mm in height, it’s not huge like a Prado or Discovery, but it definitely ticks all the right boxes for being both comfortable and practical.  The rear doors open wide for easy access and the rear seat space is more generous than ever.  The rear seats can also recline a little bit for some added travel comfort for taller folk.  USB-C jacks and Isofix points are standard features in the rear seating space. 

With just a gesture, the tailgate opens up electronically, revealing a good-size boot.  581 litres of cargo space is available with the rear seats (it’s a five seater) in place.  This grows as you make use of the split folding rear seat combinations, and then is maxing out at 1636 litres, when the rear seats are all fully folded forward. 

The sixth-generation CR-V is a nice progression by Honda.  Yes, it is a bit more expensive now, but that’s pretty common for nearly all new cars these days.  The 2024 CR-V range has a lot of models to choose from, with the excellent 1.5-litre turbo (1.5T) motor and CVT combo leading the charge for the 2024 CR-V.  You can get AWD as well as FWD versions in the 1.5T package (see more in the 2024 Honda car reviews).  The priciest model is this one; however, the 2024 Honda CR-V hybrid is an SUV that brings with it all of Honda’s latest hybrid technology, and it has now become an option for buyers on the lookout for a very good mid-size SUV that is efficient, safe, and dependable.

2024 Honda CR-V SUV hybrid exterior view in blue
2024 Honda CR-V SUV hybrid in blue, on its way.

The new CR-V models include the:

  • CR-V VTi X FWD
  • CR-V VTi X7 FWD
  • CR-V VTi L FWD
  • CR-V VTi L7 FWD
  • CR-V e-HEV RS Auto FWD (Hybrid, FWD)

For any more information on the new Honda CR-V e-HEV RS hybrid SUV, for that matter any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181.  If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Honda dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours.  Private Fleet – car buying made easy!