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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions that we receive on purchasing a new or used car.

What is novated leasing? Novated leasing is a tri-partite agreement where an employer agrees to make finance payments towards an employee’s car from the employees pre-tax salary. FBT (Fringe Benefits tax) must then be calculated and accounted for.

Do you help with private purchases too? Yes we do! In fact, although we do source vehicles for hundreds of companies around the country, our core focus is buying cars for private individuals. Fleet privileges and pricing for Private buyers – Private Fleet.

Can you help with Trade-In vehicles? We certainly can – by using our national network of wholesalers and industry buyers, we can ‘shop’ your trade-in vehicle around to find the best possible price.

Are there other ways to buy a car? Of course, while we only recommend one way, there are alternatives available for those with time on their hands and don’t mind a bit of a haggle with car dealers…

What is a car broker? A car broker or motor broker is a company that acts on behalf of their clients to source and arrange the purchase of new and used vehicles. As with mortgage brokers, car buying services are able to facilitate the transaction and in the case of Private Fleet,use their buying power to secure a better deal.

Am I obligated to buy the car? Of course not! We recommend that you should take appropriate steps to satisfy yourself what you are able to do independently in terms of pricing and then compare what we can do through our dealer network. If our offer looks attractive, then go for it! If not (and this is pretty rare!), then at least you know you must have gotten a great deal already.

Why would Private Fleet get a better deal than me? Unless you purchase in excess of 3,000 new vehicles a year, you are unlikely to be as skilled in negotiating nor have the buying power to get the maximum discount. Click here for an overview or click here to see what others had to say.

I like the sound of the service but I really want to buy through my local dealer? If that’s the case then just let us know. We’d be delighted to give your chosen dealer every opportunity to win your business so, with some help from our volume buying arrangements, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be able to keep the business local AND save thousands of dollars!

How do you get paid? We get paid a referral fee from the supplying dealer. Because we’ve saved the dealer time and expensive advertising costs, combined with the fact we buy new cars in volume, our system is a win for all three parties.

How do I calculate on-road costs? The additional costs (dealer delivery, stamp duty, registration costs, third party insurance) apart from the sale price when purchasing a new vehicle vary from state to state and the status of the purchaser. Click here for a run-down.

Should I go for a new car or a used car? A question whose answer will depend on the buyers needs. Click here for the pros and cons.

What about window tint and other accessories? For factory fitted options, we can arrange for dealers to give us a breakdown of all potential options. Due to our fleet arrangements, they will generally quote at cost but in any case we can give you the pricing breakdown so you can pick and choose what you really want.

If there are any queries not covered in this section, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 181 or submit an enquiry online.