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On-Road Costs

When buying a new or used car there are unfortunately always additional on-road costs that must be factored in beyond the actual supply cost of the vehicle. New vehicles should always be quoted ‘on road’ and with Private Fleet, you can rest assured that the results of a tender are just that – no more to pay and even delivered to your door with a full tank of fuel!

Outlined below are some of the usually unavoidable costs that come into play when purchasing a new vehicle.

  • Dealer Delivery Charges. Sometimes referred to as an ‘expensive car wash’, this fee incorporates the ancillary costs that the dealer allows for when preparing a new vehicle. It covers some administration with preparing the registration, detailing of the vehicle following freight to the car yard, fitment of certain compliance components, removal of protective tapes and plastics, fitment of number plates etc.
  • CTP or compulsory third party insurance. Required by law in Australia this is insurance cover against claims made by a third party in respect to personal injury from a road accident involving the vehicle. Several of the major insurance companies offer this type of insurance and the premium can vary from company to company and from area to area.
  • Registration charges. All vehicles must be registered in the name of an individual or in a company name. They are registered with the appropriate motor registry in each state and territory. Costs and charges vary according to vehicle, type of registration (eg business, private, primary producer) and status of end user (eg pension car holder)
  • Stamp Duty. This is payable to the relevant state or territory body and is a function of the price of the vehicle. To find out how to calculate stamp duty, click here . Some concessions may be granted depending on the status of the purchaser.
  • Luxury Car Tax (LCT). This is payable for vehicles whose price exceeds the current LCT threshold and is a function of the amount exceeding this threshold. Click here for more information.

Whilst some of these on-road charges are avoidable in some cases, you can be assured that through Private Fleet, every effort is made to take advantage of any concession available so that unltimately you save as much money as possible. However, there is only one charge that matters – the total on road cost and that is precisely what Private Fleet is able to minimise for our clients.

Please feel free to call 1300 303 181 to find out the on-road costs for your chosen vehicle.