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New Car Search Program

One of the most frequently asked questions from people speaking to us is how does your new car search actually work?

Well, with new cars, the actual car search is probably the easy bit! However, a motor broker such as Private Fleet not only sources the car but also negotiates the price, facilitates the payment of the dealer invoice and arranges delivery of the car to the door with a full tank of fuel. Car brokers can benefit their clients by using their buying power to negotiate discounts well beyond what would normally be expected so it’s not just a simple auto search!

To obtain pricing for our clients, Private Fleet initiate a formal automatic tendering process. That is to say quote requests are sent to fleet managers of multiple dealers across Australia who submit their pricing to Private Fleet within 24 hours.

  • Buying Power. Volume purchasing arrangements in place between Private Fleet and the dealer network mean that discounting is well beyond what would be offrered to a retail purchaser.
  • Respect for Quote Request. Dealers are aware that Private Fleet do not tender lightly so dealers are assured that buyers are ‘serious’ and that the lowest price will win the business. This avoids any of the usual ‘dealer games’.
  • Competition. Dealers are aware that the tender is to multiple dealers so realise that they will have to beat their counterparts to have any chance of suppling the vehicle through the auto search program
  • Cost Effective. A sale through Private Fleet is less expensive for the dealership. Advertising costs, salesmens’ commissions and expensive physical overheads are avoided meaning that lower margins are still commercially viable.
  • Fleet Negotiation. Our tender is to the fleet managers of the dealerships. Fleet personnel generally have more room to move with discounting and as they are not paid commissions relating to the profit margin in the car (as retail sales people are) their only personal interest is in winning the business.
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Dealers respond within 24 hours including all on-roads and delivery to the door with a full tank of fuel. Private Fleet then contact the client, arrange the necessary paperwork and order the vehicle on the clients behalf. Contact us for more information. Private Fleet, more than just a simple car search!