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What is a Car Broker?

A car broker is a company that works on behalf of an individual to source new and used cars. Like a mortgage broker, a new car broker rather than try and sell their own product, is given a full description of the required goods by the clients and then goes out to the market-place to source them. This means you engage a car broker as a service provider rather than a merchant.

A car broker aims to save its clients three main things:

  • Time
  • Hassle and haggling
  • Money

The first two savings are fairly obvious… by having a car broker doing the runaround, you need not even set foot inside a dealership. Whether you’re located in a busy metropolis like Sydney or Melbourne or in the bush 200kms from the nearest dealer, having your weekends back and not having to deal with pushy salespeople certainly saves time and hassle.

The money saving is a little more complicated so to summarise how car brokers can save you money please consider the following points:

  • Buying Power. Volume purchasing arrangements in place between a car broker and the dealer network mean that discounting is well beyond what would be offered to a retail purchaser.
  • Respect for Quote Request. Dealers are aware that most car brokers do not ‘tender lightly’ so dealers are assured that buyers are ‘serious’ and that the lowest price will win the business. This avoids any of the usual ‘dealer games’.
  • Competition. Dealers are aware that the tender is to multiple dealers so realise that they will have to beat their counterparts to have any chance of suppling the vehicle.
  • Cost Effective. A sale through a car broker is less expensive for the dealership. Advertising costs, salesmens’ commissions and expensive physical overheads are avoided meaning that lower margins are still commercially viable.
  • Fleet Negotiation. Car brokers tender to the fleet managers of the dealerships. Fleet personnel generally have more room to move with discounting and as they are not paid commissions relating to the profit margin in the car (as retail sales people are) their only personal interest is in winning the business.
  • Sourcing from Regional Dealers. Often dealers outside the usual metro areas like Sydney. Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth have lower overheads than their city counterparts (fraction of the rent, lower wages etc). This means, for example, that for car brokers Melbourne dealers may not supply as many as those in regional Victoria.

Private Fleet are Australia’s leading car buying service based in Sydney but operating nationally. We buy more new cars than any other car broker in the country and have been inoperation for more than 10 years. We source cars for our clients in all states and territories…. ACT, NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, NT, SA, TAS and, with a network of over 1100 dealers, new cars are usually sourced from the dealer closest to you. For used cars, cars will generally be sourced from the major centres (namely Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart) but will still be delivered to your door, wherever that may be, with a full tank of fuel.

To make an enquiry with Private Fleet and see how a car broker can help you anywhere in Australia, please call our Sydney office on 1300 303 181 or click here to make an enquiry.