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Prestige Car Buying

Buying a prestige motor vehicle should be a pleasure.  Prestige cars deliver something above and beyond the usual mainstream offering, be it looks, performance, comfort, safety or all of the above.  However buying a car at the premium end of the market can sometimes be a less-than-satisfactory experience.  Dealers will often inform potential purchasers that ‘We don’t sell by discounting!  Our products sell themselves!’.  That may well be true but this belies the fact that prestige vehicles, by their very nature, will often have more negotiable margin than their standard counterparts.

Private Fleet is in a unqiue position.  By looking after around 4,000 enquiries every month for new vehicles, no other corporate entity in Australia buys more cars on a monthly basis.  That means more buying power, better dealer relationships and a wider reach than any other service in the country – bar none.  So, if you are looking for a new prestige vehicle and are prepared to skip the cappucino and the two hour delivery process at the dealership and instead take advantage of serious fleet discounting and delivery to your door, then please click below and choose your next luxury purchase.