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Jeep Patriot

This new-look Jeep Patriot looks clean now, but it won't after doing the business off road.

Model Update

The rounded styling on the Jeep Patriot brings refinement and stylish looks to what is a very practical and genuine 4×4. Flared mud guards, five-spoke alloys, a large seven barred grille and sumptuous interiors provide a distinguished way for getting around.

Strong punchy engines and great safety features make the Patriot are class act from Jeep. You’re noticed, when you drive Jeep’s latest Patriot.

Want one of the most stylish off-road exteriors on four wheels? Then the new Jeep Patriot has to be a contender for top spot. The round headlights, chunky lines and chrome finishing make the Jeep Patriot an impressive and eye-catching 4-wheel-drive.

Capable? Absolutely! The Patriot has the goods to tackle very rough and slippery terrain. For light off-road capability, the Freedom-Drive I active full-time four-wheel drive system has a LOCK mode that is designed to give drivers the ability to handle rough weather and low-traction conditions such as rain and snow. The LOCK mode can handle deeper snow, sand, and other low-traction surfaces at speeds up to 56 km/h. There are three transmission options. The five-speed manual offers smooth shifting performance, and the transaxle links beautifully with the 2.4-litre 125 kW petrol engine for powerful acceleration and outstanding fuel economy. The CVT Transaxle transmission is very smooth. The tried and true second-generation Continuously Variable Transaxle (CVT2) does away with gears; It uses a steel belt and active pulley system to produce the optional gear ratio for maximum efficiency. Superbly quiet operation, strong instant power and exceptional fuel economy are part and parcel of the marriage between the CVT transmission and the 2.4 litre engine. If you like diesel torque, then you can speak eloquently using all the right jargon when describing to others the immensely satisfying and class leading 2.0 litre turbo diesel Jeep Patriot. With fuel efficiency as low as 6.7 litres/100 km (on average) your holiday weekends can become a whole lot more exciting when you can travel further on a tank of gas. An impressive 103 kW of power, and 310 Nm of torque, is one of the best mixes in 4-wheel-drive turbo diesel circles. And this is made a complete package when it is linked to an excellent six-speed manual gearbox. It will be hard to wipe the smile off your face when driving the Jeep Patriot 2.0 CRD Sport or Limited versions.

Comfortable? Without a doubt! All models are very well endowed with luxury items. The infotainment system has the best in audio sound systems. The premium sound comes from a crystal clear 458-watt Boston Acoustics® premium sound system which has fold-down lift gate speakers. This feature allows you to share your music with others while out and about – maybe camping. A 12-volt power outlet in the centre console is standard on all models. The silver interior accents are really nice, and they are in keeping with the high quality trim and seating material. The fabric to cover the seats is stain and odour resistant. The material is also static resistant. You can opt for the high end sumptuous heated leather seats. I’ve had the pleasure of owning a car with heated seats and my wife would also back me up in saying that once you have tried heated seats on a cold day, you’ll never want to go backward in time. The rear seats fold flat to make a huge luggage area become massive. When in the up position, the Patriot seating arrangement can accommodate up to five adults. The Patriot swallows copious amounts of gear, and when you are loaded up ready to go you will also enjoy a real sense of adventure. Standard on all the models are the 60/40-split fold-flat rear seat and a fold flat front passenger seat.

Safe? Why sure! ESP, ABS, complete airbag technology, and a supremely strong safety cage make the Jeep Patriot a super safe 4-wheel-drive.

Should you buy it? I just explained why you should. If you are in the hunt for a strikingly good-looking and extremely complete 4-wheel-drive package, you best head on down and check the Patriot out.

Current model series include:

  • Jeep Patriot 2.4 Sport
  • Jeep Patriot 2.0 CRD Sport
  • Jeep Patriot 2.4 Limited
  • Jeep Patriot 2.0 CRD Limited

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