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Jeep Cherokee

Model Update

Love the rough stuff, but don’t like getting your feet muddy? The all new Jeep Cherokee would make you a great companion. Equipped with the very best rugged four-wheel-drive technology and don’t-mess-with-me traction, the 2010 Jeep Cherokee won’t leave you stranded in the mud – unless you are completely nuts and don’t know your left from your right. But I guess the GPS system in the Cherokee will help you out there anyway!

I like the styling that the 2010 Jeep Cherokee offers. It’s roomy, comfortable and grunty – three things that are essential for outback travel and long stints at the wheel. Chrome detailing on the exterior and in the cabin is tasteful. Richly blessed Cherokee interiors boast all sorts of electric this and thats. The seats are electrically adjusted to just about any position you care to drive the Cherokee from. And jump back into the Cherokee after someone else drives it, and the vehicle remembers your favourite seating positions. How cool is that?! There is no need to get hot under the collar, as the automatic temperature control keeps the cabin balanced and as cool as you care.

A classy instrument cluster and switchgear display is ergonomically sound, and there is plenty of storage space throughout. A radio media centre, multimedia connections, satellite communications and an extra auxiliary jack keep the Cherokee at the front of the best four-wheel-drive club.

You could tow your house if you wanted too – such is the effortless power and torque delivery from both the 3.7 litre petrol fed and 2.8 CRDi diesel fed engines. With way over 400 Nm coming from under the hood, the diesel engine performs.

Hill Descent Control, Selec-Trac 4WD and Hill Start Assist can make even a dummy look good off-road. This is a massively capable off-roader, and with premium safety throughout you’d be a dummy not to buy one – if you are on the look out for a top off-roading machine.

It’s the weekend. Time to relax, kick back and spend some time alone or with the most important people in your life. Time to head out into the wild for a great adventure. Time to go exploring. Time to drive the Jeep Cherokee.

Of course, you may not just want to drive the Jeep Cherokee in the weekend. You may have the sort of job that demands a tough, rugged vehicle that’s capable of handling tough conditions and extreme terrain. But whether you want it for business or pleasure, the Jeep Cherokee can deliver the goods.

The first things that anyone would want to know about a tough vehicle like the Jeep Cherokee are basic: Has it got the capacity to handle the roads (or other terrain) that I want it to? How many people can it fit? Has it got enough grunt? How safe is it? Can I take family in it on long journeys without getting bored or uncomfortable? And if you get the answers you want to all these questions, then other things, like looks, are pretty unimportant.

However, this isn’t to say that the Jeep Cherokee is an ugly brute. A brute indeed, but not ugly. The upright headlights and the striking toothed grille give the Jeep Cherokee a chunky, beefy character, while the overall look is smooth and sophisticated. Styled smartly enough that it doesn’t look out of place in the middle of town but not so citified that you get laughed at by other members of the 4×4 fraternity.

The Jeep Cherokee certainly struts its stuff off-road. Whether you’ve got a Jeep Cherokee version with part-time 4-wheel-drive or one with full-time 4×4 capacity, you’ll be able to handle nearly any terrain that a 4×4 can with the two-speed shift-on-the-fly with low range. The Jeep Cherokee can tackle an approach angle of 36.2 degrees and a departure angle of 31.1 degrees. With great ground clearance to get past rocky terrain or moderate rivers and Goodyear all-season tyres, this is a serious bush-basher that will get you anywhere a vehicle can.

The Jeep Cherokee comes in two variants: the Sport, and the Limited. Both variants come with the 3.7 litre V6 petrol engine with automatic transmission and Selec-Trac full-time four wheel drive, or with the 2.8 litre Common-Rail Diesel, which also has the automatic transmission and the Selec-Trac system. The Jeep Cherokee Sport CRD has a very good six speed manual transmission and Command-Trac part-time 4×4. Both engines pack plenty of grunt: the 3.7 litre V6 has a maximum power output of 151 kW at 5200 rpm and its torque curve peaks at 307 Nm at 3700 rpm. The phenomenal torque curve for the 2.8 litre diesel variant of the Jeep Cherokee looks a little different. The new diesel engine delivers a hefty top level of 460Nm across 1800 to 2400 rpm. Whether offroading or pulling trailers, there is no shortage of power in the tough and affordable Jeep Cherokee.

If you’re wanting your questions answered about whether the Jeep Cherokee can fit your family (or your work crew) and keep everyone entertained and comfortable, here’s your answers. The Jeep Cherokee fits five with a goodly amount of head, hip and leg room, and there’s 821 litres of cargo space in the back when the seats are up. The Jeep Cherokee Limited comes with leather seats, while the other two variants come with cloth trim. The reclining bucket seats in the front are very comfy, while the rear seats in all variants come ready-equipped with upper and lower child seat anchors. All models of Jeep Cherokee have manual air conditioning, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, cruise control, keyless entry, roof rails, a six-speaker CD system (with 6-disc capacity in the Jeep Cherokee Renegade and Limited models), and a tyre pressure monitor in the instrument panel. The Jeep Cherokee Limited and Renegade models also come with an overhead trip computer and steering-wheel mounted audio controls.

With a range of active and passive safety features all occupants can rest assured that they are in the one of the best automotive safety designs available on, or off, the road. The ESP program comes with a multitude of components ranging from the Electronic Roll Mitigation and the EBD to the all-speed traction control and 4-channel, 4-wheel ABS brakes – with plenty more. The Jeep Cherokee is fitted with side, front and curtain airbags as standard, ensuring that you’re well cushioned in the case of a crash.

The Jeep Cherokee is certainly a vehicle that features on my wish-list for cars. What about you?

Current model series include:

  • Jeep Cherokee Sport 3.7 V6
  • Jeep Cherokee Sport CRD
  • Jeep Cherokee Limited 3.7 V6
  • Jeep Cherokee Limited CRD

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