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Infiniti G Convertible

Infiniti cars have been around the scene for over two decades. It’s just that, until recently, Infiniti cars were not available as new cars in Australia. Absent from Australia, these grander Japanese cars were sold in the USA. They’ve been getting better and better, rivalling Lexus, BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Jaguar models – especially in the area of performance and comfort. And now they’re on our shores!

I love motorcycling because feeling the raw elements makes it a motoring experience that’s hard to match. That is until you sit yourself inside the cockpit of a new Infiniti G Convertible. Like a great motorcycle ride, in the new Infiniti G Convertible smelling the air and feeling the full warmth of the sun is what makes a driving experience so much fun. And without all the motorcycle safety gear on, you can be a whole lot more relaxed and much safer in the G Convertible’s luxury interior, listening to the birds and cicadas chirping in the eucalyptus trees overhead.

Deigned for charming the drive the long way home, the Infiniti G Convertible impresses with its smooth ride and comfortable interior. Lavish leather seats provide the driver with a 10-way power seat with lumbar support. The feeling of comfort is heightened with the Infiniti G Convertible providing seats that are ventilated through tiny perforations in the leather upholstery. This feature is great for when the sun is roasting hot. The flipside of hot is cold, and when the weather turns spitefully cold, seat heating in the Infiniti G Convertible takes the cold away for a better open-top driving comfort. Weather can be the delight or enemy of a great day out on two wheels or even in a basic convertible. Answer all these problems, and get yourself an Infiniti G Convertible instead!

High-spec features in the new Infiniti G Convertible make the journey pleasurable. Power seats, mirrors, windows and roof are nice touches, so too is the clarity of music you’ll enjoy. The 13 Bose premium speakers do a fabulous job of entertaining the ears with the soft top up or down. One of the fabulous items in the G Convertible is the provision of personal speakers mounted in the headrests of the front seats. Even in a hard-top sedan, bringing any window down a fraction will affect the acoustics of the sound system greatly. Infiniti’s addition of personal speakers for the G Convertible ensures superior quality and clarity of sound. A clever audio-pilot feature continuously adjusts numerous aspects of the audio signal to cater for changes in background noise and vehicle speed. This is all great stuff when you’re a ‘muso’ like me.

You’d think that when you lower the soft top in a convertible, any air-conditioning system would become useless. Not so in an Infiniti G Convertible. What you find is that Infiniti have developed a clever Adaptive Climate Control system so that when the roof is down, the system responds to the outside temperature and how fast you’re travelling. It can adjust its settings to provide ideal warmth when the air temperature is cooler or a balanced cooling response when the sun starts to heat things up. It’s clever technology like this that sets the Infiniti G Convertible up as a rewarding machine to drive.

Satellite navigation is a standard feature, so you will never be lost again.

A great drive has to be rewarding in the performance and handling arena. Infiniti cars are exceptional performers, and with the new Infiniti G Convertible you have silky V6 power rated at 235 kW and a seven-speed automatic to supply the power to the rear wheels. Pulling power is strong, and with the petrol-fed engine providing 360 Nm of torque at 5200 rpm, the sharp looking rear-wheel-driven G Convertible gets down to business very smartly. In acceleration, the feel of the V6 under the pump is thrilling, and a delightful engine note growls from under the low slung bonnet. A little over six seconds is all you’ll need to complete the 0-100 km/h dash, and where permissible a top speed of 250 km/h can be reached. The speed-sensitive variable-assist power steering and taut suspension return superb control, directing the car with authority.

For an all-new classy experience, why not get yourself into an Infiniti. Eye-catching design and awesome performance make the posh G Convertible that special drive we all want.

Current Infiniti G Convertible models include the:

  • G37 Convertible

For any more information on the new Infiniti G Convertible or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Infiniti dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!

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