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Infiniti Q70



Special from the moment you set eyes on the smooth curves of the seductive new Infiniti Q70 luxury sedan; this is a car that masters the road and is destined for being one of the special luxury/sport sedans money can buy.  It feels more exotic than a Lexus and Honda Legend – and is on a par with some of the nice European cars that grace the road – like the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E-Class and Audi A6.  What makes it so good is the design and engineering inside the Infiniti Q70 blends with the artistic and adventurous side inside each one of us to make it a car we love to drive.  Every drive is made special in the superbly suave Q70.

Look at the Infiniti Q70 sedan from straight in front of the low slung bonnet, and the bulging bonnet, swept back headlights and wave styled grille are harmonious and purposeful.  A look of muscle and elegance in the way the Infiniti Q70 peers back at you suggests that this silky looker knows how to travel at pace.  Side on, the side skirts, flared wheel arches, tear drop roof line, high waistline and high boot lip look superb, and also give an attractive, yet stealthy, poise to the way the new Q70 holds its pose.  Very aerodynamic lines help the Infiniti Q70 slip through the air effortlessly.

A whole lot of premium technology resides in the make-up of a new Infiniti Q70 Sedan.  Lightweight body components help keep the Q70 nice and agile under cornering.  Vehicle Dynamic Control is just one of the car’s many driving aids to ensure the drive is safe and surefooted in any type of road condition.  Exciting handling comes from Infiniti’s use of a four-wheel-steer design, making the all-new Q70 sedan one of the best handling luxury/sports cars on the market.  Safety equipment is premium, with features like zoned body construction, high-strength steel beams in the doors, Traction Control, six airbags, an adjustable speed limiter and a child restraint top tether and ISOFIX system are all standard items.  Four large disc brakes do a magnificent job of slowing the Q70 Sedan in the event of an emergency stop procedure.  ABS and EBD are electronically monitoring the braking.  With speed sensitive rack-and-pinion power steering, the car glides around corners and feels superb to drive.

Three models of the Infiniti Q70 are available in Australia; one a petrol, one a hybrid and one a diesel.  Power for the petrol model comes from a silky smooth 3.7-litre DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder engine that boasts microfinished camshafts, steel intake and exhaust valves, and, Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) for the intake valves (improves performance, emissions and fuel efficiency).  The advanced engine design makes for some impressive performance – as you would expect.  Put through the rear wheels, the Infiniti Q70 in 3.7-litre petrol form can eclipse the 0-100 km/h sprint in a touch over six seconds.  Limited to a top speed of 250 km/h this car feels fast, and judging by the way you silently glide passed slower traffic, I guess it really is.  Opt for the 3.0d version, and the performance is ever-so slightly clipped back.  You can still dust off the 0-100 km/h dash in under seven seconds and the top speed is also limited to 250 km/h – you get the picture.  Economy, however, swings toward the diesel engine’s favour, with a promise of around 7.5 litres/100 km for a combined urban and open-road run.  This brings us to the Infiniti Q70 Hybrid Sedan.  You’re in for a treat because this beautifully made sedan is also the quickest accelerating hybrid sedan on the planet, at present.  It’s actually the fastest Q70 model, accelerating from 0-100 km/h in a very swift 5.5 seconds!  Of course the ride to a limited top speed of 250 km/h is also impressive, with strong pulling power all the way to the controlled 250 km/h.  Equally impressive is the way the Hybrid Q70 boasts the best economy figures of all the Q70 sedans.  A 6.9 litres/100 km combined average is pretty good for a luxury/sports sedan.

Infiniti Q70 Interior

Infiniti Q70 Interior

Loaded with all the very best luxury, the new Infiniti Q70 has it all.  If you’re into exquisite sound, then the premium six-speaker audio system makes for awesome music.  The 10GB Music Box can store all your favourite tracks to be played on shuffle, while the car has a speed sensitive volume function if you desire the sound to be lowered automatically as your road speed drops.  The finest electronically adjustable leather seats, which are heated in the front, are supremely comfortable – just great for a long journey between States.  I like the analogue clock in the centre of the dash, and there is a snazzy 8-inch high resolution touch screen display for all the necessary information and communications.  A Bluetooth hands-free phone system makes life easy, and you get the bonus of live Bluetooth audio streaming.  Automatic dual-zone climate control with automatic air recirculation works a treat to keep the cabin fresh and balanced whatever the outside temperature, and you won’t get lost easily, as the Infiniti Q70 comes with a massive 30GB HDD Navigation System.  Parking is made easy with the easy-to-use front-and-rear parking sensors that have an inside display to show you what’s going on.  The Q70 also has a rear-view camera.  Boot space is good for plenty of luggage and, when you’ve finished loading, an automatic soft-close boot function adds to the classy feel of the Q70 experience.

There is so much to the Infiniti experience that makes driving the flagship Q70 so pleasurable.  You’re onto a very good thing, as the new Infiniti Q70 is all class.

The Infiniti Q70 models include the:

  • Infiniti Q70 3.0d
  • Infiniti Q70 3.7
  • Infiniti Q70 Hybrid

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