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Volvo C30 T5

The Volvo C30 T5 is a stylish coupé that is bound to be very popular.

Size doesn’t matter and good things come in small packages, and one petite coupé that proves both of these two old sayings is the Volvo C30 T5. It’s trim. It’s smooth. It’s sophisticated. It sits on 17” wheels (which, even though they are found on bigger cars, don’t look out of place on the Volvo C30 T5. Quite the contrary). It’s sweet. But the Volvo C30 T5 has a big heart and a surprisingly capacious interior that seats four in style with plenty of room for legs, elbows, bottoms and heads.

It could possibly be sneered at by vulgar bigger-is-better petrolheads as a “hairdresser’s car” or a “dinky toy.” But the Volvo C30 T5 is more than capable of wiping the sneers off and replacing them with wide eyes and dropped jaws. This very, very satisfying effect is achieved with the turbocharged T5 petrol engine with dual CVVT timing, which may seem small (it’s a 2.5 litre engine) and may have “only” 169 kW of power on tap, but can reach its maximum torque (320 Nm) very quickly (at 1500 rpm), allowing it to race away from a standstill to 100 kmh in 6.7 seconds, depending on whether you have selected the six-speed manual or the 5-speed geartronic automatic. And don’t forget that force and power are intrinsically linked with weight, and when something’s as compact as the Volvo C30 T5, you don’t need as much power to be able to fly.

Now, one concern many people have when it comes to smaller vehicles is that they aren’t as safe. But the Volvo C30 T5 comes up to scratch here. Of course it does: it’s a Volvo, and that’s almost synonymous with safety. The Volvo C30 T5 has been fitted with all the safety features: the anti-skid DSTC (Dynamic Stability and Traction Control) system, the dual Xenon lights, the ABS brakes with emergency brake assist, the body design (a blend of hard, protective materials and impact-absorbing zones exactly where they’re needed), the whiplash protection system, the full array of airbags (front, side and curtain), and the Intelligent Driver Information System. This latter feature was originally developed in fighter planes but Volvo has applied it to many of its current models, including the Volvo C30 T-5. This feature analyses the driving situation (how you’re driving) and if things look like they’re getting a little tricky, the system shuts down any potential distractions, such as the MP3 compatible 6-CD audio system (with 8 loudspeakers and a 4×40 W amplifier, plus an auxiliary input jack) and the optional hands-free phone, allowing you to concentrate fully on what’s going on. You can’t even adjust the sound through the steering wheel mounted controls – you have to keep your eyes and your mind on the road. Once the situation calms down, the phone and audio come back on for you to enjoy. Even the climate control system has a safety aspect – it monitors the exterior temperature and lets you know if its cold enough for black ice to be a problem.

Some people also avoid smaller cars because they’re not roomy enough. While the Volvo C30 T5 isn’t the world’s best choice as the main vehicle for a family with four children – the C30 seats four people – it would make a good second car for a busy family, or the only car for a couple or singleton of any age. And it would do just fine for a small family. After all, being a Swedish car, the Volvo C30 T5 was probably designed with six-foot tall Scandinavians in mind, so it only makes sense to fit them in. The seats in question are trimmed with leather, as are the steering wheel and the gear shift lever, and they are ergonomically designed with plenty of side support and padding where it’s needed, with the driver’s seat being electrically adjustable. The rear seats fold flat with a 50/50 split fold, allowing the rear storage area to be enlarged – not that it isn’t generous enough already for a coupe.

The Volvo C30 T5 has a number of other comfort features apart from the seats and the audio system. The electronic climate control system is good enough at keeping things comfortable inside on its own, but it can be enhanced with the optional IAQS (interior air quality system) that detects noxious gases (carbon monoxide, petrol fumes, etc) and prevents dirty air from entering the cabin. You’ve also got the multifunction centre front arm rest, which doesn’t just give you a place to rest your arm once you’ve set the cruise control but also stores odds and ends, contains the USB port for the auxiliary audio input, and incorporates cupholders and a table for the rear seats. Other interior features in the Volvo C30 T5 include automatically dimming rear mirrors, Home Safe lighting (which lights the way to and from your car in the dark at the touch of a remote control button), power windows and oodles of storage compartments.
So put your worries about small coupes to rest. The Volvo C30 T5 is a smaller car that’s safe, roomy, powerful and fun drive. And it looks pretty darn good, too.

The current model series includes the:

  • Volvo C30 T5

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