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Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab

Both the Tradie and the Sport models of the Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab ute look fabulous.

Model Update

As good as ever, buying a new SsangYong ute has to be a pretty good investment. Excellent power from an efficient 2.0-litre diesel donk, airbags and a solid chassis design make the SsangYong Actyon Dual Cab more than a handful for the Hilux and Navara fans.

An automatic and manual option along with good kit inside the comfortable cabin ensure that your trip is smooth and entertaining. And one thing is for sure; it looks good, and has plenty of bold presence on the road. Complete with a 3 year/100,000 km warranty and a price tag around 30k and you have yourself a real 2010-11deal.

Have you ever noticed that a lot of commercial vehicles look pretty much the same from the outside? Yes, they’re practical and functional, but they’re not usually all that much to look at. While there are notable exceptions (you can probably think of a few utes that have decent looks), it’s as if most ute design teams think “Hey – the buyers are more interested in something that can cart sheep and concrete mixers, not something pretty, so why bother?” or “Just chop half the top off the station wagon version, make the back end bigger and stick it up on stilts.” So it’s refreshing to see that the Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute has been designed with a bit more aesthetics in mind.

The Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute has two main market segments in mind; no, hang on, make that three. This ute is likely to appeal to recreational users who want something that looks good enough to cruise the streets on Friday night but can cart surfboards or skis on Saturday morning; to families who need a good dollop of space plus the ability to go-off road when on a camping holiday; and to commercial types who want more than just a work machine that has all the personality of a brick.

So yes, the Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute has 4×4 ability (not in the 2×4 models, of course), heaps of ground clearance, four tie-down hooks and a 1.275 m x 1.610 m x 0.54 m load tray with handy washable vinyl liner for the tough stuff, but it’s got more style. Take the headlights: the angular “eagle eye” design wouldn’t look out of place on a sports car (and don’t look out of place on this ute, either), and the front bonnet looks like the vehicle is capable of doing a fair bit. The “shark fin” antenna on the roof is very discreet and aerodynamic-looking.

And the Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute is designed to be quiet. How many times have you ridden in a work ute trying to talk or listen to the stereo but having to strain your ears over the on-road noise? Not in the Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute – you’ll be able to hear the stereo and won’t be continually fiddling with the steering-wheel mounted controls to get the levels right.

What you’ll get inside the Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute depends on the model you choose: the Tradie 2×4, the Tradie 4×4. the Sports 2×4, the Sports 4×4 or the top-notch SPR. But what’s under the bonnet remains the same for all models: a 2.0 litre DOHC common-rail direct injected turbodiesel with a maximum power output of 104 kW at 4000 rpm that sees the torque curve peaking at 310 Nm at 1800 rpm – just what you need for towing extra gear. The transmission in most models is a five-speed manual, but the Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute SPR comes with a six-speed automatic transmission with sports shift as standard (it’s optional on the other models).

The main difference between the Sports and the Tradie models is the brakes (the Sports models have ABS disk brakes rather than drum brakes). The Sports models have the tilt-adjustable leather steering wheel, cruise control with the automatic option, levelling headlights to compensate for loads in the back, locking differential in the Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute 2×4 Sports. But it’s the Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute SPR that really has the extras: climate control air conditioning instead of manual air-con, folding side mirrors, rain sensitive window wipers, heated leather front seats, reverse parking sensors and an auto-dimming rear mirror. All models of Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute have power windows, driver’s lumbar support, a 12V auxiliary outlet, and plenty of storage space and cupholders in the cabin. If you’re considering the Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute as a work vehicle, why not go for the SPR? Who says work utes have to have Spartan interiors?

While it is a little disappointing that only the Sports and SPR models have the ABS brakes, all models share the rest of the safety features, which include pretensioned load-limiting seatbelts, driver and front passenger airbags and side impact beams. Child restraint points are already in place, which makes a change from other workhorses – we’ve all seen commercial vehicles carrying smaller passengers during the school holidays while someone has a day out at work with (usually) Dad.

The current model series includes the:

  • Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute Tradie 2×4
  • Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute Tradie 4×4
  • Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute Sports 2×4
  • Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute Sports 4×4
  • Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute SPR

For any more information on the Ssangyong Actyon Dual Cab Ute, or for that matter any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Ssangyong dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!

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