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Range Rover 2013

For 2013, the Range Rover models look a million bucks and boast Terrain Response II, so you can literally take her anywhere. A new eight-speed auto powers all four wheels.

A world class Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), the 2013 Range Rover is new and looking good. This is the perfect machine for riding in total comfort over any type of terrain you care to charter. Indeed, most people will never dare test the full capabilities of the powerful 4WD, diff-locking system to its fullest. In fact, most 2013 Range Rovers will end up delivering their carpet-like ride around city streets, motorways and gravel roads most of the time. Perhaps a run down to the river to take the dog for a walk, a waltz across a muddy farm paddock to refill the harvester or a blast up in the Blue Mountains for some R & R is about the greatest test most new Range Rovers will ever get. But it’s just nice to know that when push-comes-to-shove, your new 2013 Rangie is the ultimate 4WD that will get you nearly anywhere.

Nicely rounded edges particularly in the facial area about the headlights, the A and C pillars, the front and rear bumper areas, and the taillights, aid the big SUV’s ability to slip through the air cleanly and in a whisper-like fashion. The high-end Range Rover models have a large twin-faced panoramic glass roof that really lights up the cabin area with copious amounts of natural light. And on the subject of interiors, the Range Rover’s new interior is super roomy, luxurious and a little more simplistic in its layout. The uncluttered dash area is less busy but this doesn’t mean that all the high-tech gadgetry isn’t there. It is, it’s just been simplified and hidden so that it’s not in your face as much. A central eight-inch screen has heaps of touch screen access to on-board features, so the reduction of knobs and buttons is a handy improvement. Twenty nine speakers for the audio system is nothing short of extreme, while the power output for the sound system is rated at 1700 Watts! Glorious audio sound is superb. Fit and finish is splendid, while the modern materials exude plenty of extravagance. Plenteously full of nice features and technological goodies, the new Range Rover is a classy drive. Things like leather massaging seats, a powered tail gate, powered rear seats for more luggage space, soft close doors, and the LCD screen between the speedometer and rev counter which has your trip information and information systems data all visible to the driver’s gaze are all available.

Completely luxurious, the stunning new Range Rover is breathtaking. There's heaps of room, too. While a two-seater reclining back seat is an option, I'm guessing most will prefer the conventional three-seater.

If you’re after a roomy SUV, then the new 2013 Range Rover models are about the most comfortable you’ll find anywhere. Now even longer and wider, there is heaps of space to stretch your legs out or to fling those extra bags you need to take on holiday because your mates have decided to tag along for the ski trip. One huge change in the vehicle’s ingredient is that it has shed 39% of its weight over the outgoing model. Now this “Jenny Craig” feat equates to the Range Rover feeling much more athletic and sporty, while also being a whole lot more frugal on fuel.

Boasting a new ZF eight-speed transmission with chassis and terrain control means that in both the rough and smooth, you’re fully covered. The 2013 Range Rover models are extremely smooth and powerful. Opt for the Supercharged model, and the performance is hugely impressive, with a 0-100 km/h dash of just over five seconds! These are quick SUVs, even the TDV6 HSE cracks the tonne in under eight seconds – so do remember to put that cruise control feature on because you’ll be moving much faster than you think you will be, particularly as the sound proofing about the cabin is amazing – it’s so quiet to drive. Stability control, traction control, and cornering control provides a surefooted presence on the road in any weather conditions. Other safety features include front, side and curtain airbags, ABS, roll stability control and a first aid kit. So it’s really nice to have so much confidence in a vehicle that is arguably the safest vehicle on the road, while also boasting the tag of being the best luxury off-roader in the world.

The 2013 Range Rover models include the:

  • Range Rover TDV6 HSE
  • Range Rover TDV6 Vogue
  • Range Rover SDV8 Vogue
  • Range Rover SDV8 Vogue SE
  • Range Rover SDV8 Autobiography
  • Range Rover V8 Supercharged Vogue SE
  • Range Rover V8 Supercharged Autobiography

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