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Discovery Sport SD4

Land Rover Discovery Sport SD4

Land Rover Discovery Sport SD4

What is the ultimate driver’s car, anyway?  Does it have to be the fastest car in the world?  Or does it mean that it needs to have a glorified status or badge attached?  I’ll give you my definition of the ultimate driver’s car.  My ultimate would be a vehicle that rides the tarmac with surefootedness and comfort, has plenty of power and safety, and then one that can be taken off-road on a serious adventure.  I guess I’ve had my fair share of boundless 4WD experiences, and they always seem to stick in the memory more than some enjoyable long trips bound to the tarmac.  So for my ultimate drive on four wheels, I’d be looking toward some of the best 4WD vehicles on sale; and one of these great 4WD vehicles is the sensational new Land Rover Discovery Sport SD4.

When you get to experience the smell of the outdoors mingled with the heat of an engine and the smell of rubber, then you get to enjoy one of the awesome joys of getting into the Outback and having an adventure.  Serious off-roading has some pretty breath-taking moments; whether it be gorgeous scenery, wildlife up close, or tricky driving challenges.  A sticky situation off-road really does require that you be in a vehicle that can handle the tough stuff.  And having been impressed with some time in an earlier Land Rover Discovery, without a doubt, the new Discovery Sport SD4 provides unmatched off-roading prowess.  Sure, it’s not the Defender, but it’s still very good.

Land Rover Discovery Sport SD4 Interior

Land Rover Discovery Sport SD4 Interior

It’s all very well that a vehicle like the new Discovery Sport SD4 can tame the tough terrain, but it’s when the cabin is superbly comfortable that the days travelling off-road tend to lengthen.  With the seating being so comfortable in the SD4 Discovery Sport, you can leave the mastery of the 4×4 underpinnings to do the hard-yards outside.  Climate air-conditioning, a cooling box, satellite navigation, electric front seats, premium audio and premium leather seats are part of the reason why cruising in this really up-to-date 4×4 is so rewarding, even so far away from civilisation.

Now based on the new Range Rover Evoque, the Discovery Sport SD4 shares the chassis, mechanical layout and front suspension.  The main difference between the Range Rover and the Land Rover is that the Discovery Sport has a longer wheelbase and a new multi-link rear suspension.  Ride quality and handling is much improved.  Bigger means more room, so boasting 1700 litres of storage space puts this in the family wagon extraordinaire league!  Having a third row of seats means that you can carry an extra couple of school kids home on the school run.

Sink into the front seats and enjoy the comfort.  First impressions of the dash layout were good.  All the switchgear and instrumentation looks elegantly laid out, and there is a high quality feel about the new Discovery Sport SD4 interior.  There is a high level of standard equipment, and all Discovery Sport SD4 models will have climate control, cruise control, and partial leather seats.

Tackle off-road conditions with confidence; there is a comprehensive 4WD powertrain underneath.  Four off-road settings are specially designed for traversing everything from a wet slippery paddock to heavy snow.  Short overhangs and a maximum water depth of 600 mm ensure that you can head off on a serious excursion.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport SD4 comes with a choice of gearbox to match the grunty 2.2-litre SD4 diesel with 140 kW and 420 Nm.  An awesome nine-speed automatic is seamless and effortless, and comes into its own off-road.  If you like a stick to fiddle with, then you’ll prefer the six-speed manual – which is the standard set-up.  For an off-roading SUV, the new Land Rover Discovery Sport SD4 is very economical, with a fuel consumption averaging out at around 5.5 litres/100 km.

The Outback beckons, so get yourself down to test out the new Land Rover Discovery Sport SD4.  It looks like nothing else on the road, so you’ll be travelling in style.  Private Fleet will be happy to get you into a new Disco Sport for the best deal.

The current Land Rover Discovery Sport SD4 model series includes the:

  • Discovery Sport SD4 SE
  • Discovery Sport SD4 HSE
  • Discovery Sport SD4 HSE Luxury

For any more information on the Land Rover Discovery Sport SD4 or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181. If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Land Rover dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours. Private Fleet – car buying made easy!