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Unleaded No Longer available

In April 2009 the NSW Government passed some startling legislation. Normal 91 RON unleaded fuel will be withdrawn from sale, and NSW residents will have no choice but to buy E10 unleaded fuel, or much more expensive unleaded premium fuel. We revealed this on our website nearly a year ago here and here. Now it’s finally coming to the attention of the mainstream media and the poor long suffering NSW motorist.


If you live in NSW or if you are an interstate visitor:-

  • You are being denied the choice
  • It will cost you more
  • In some instances it will cost you a LOT more
  • You are being misled!

This is what The Hon. Tony Kelly MLC says on the use of E10 fuel:- “ Ordinary petrol will still be available, but I encourage all motorists to save money….by filling their tanks with E10 petrol”

The highly respected motorists association RACQ does not agree! They say:- “Running a car on ethanol-blended petrol to save money is likely to be a false economy”

In fact it’s worse than that, because what the NSW Minister doesn’t say is that the only alternative to E10 in NSW will be Premium 95 RON unleaded at up to 10c a litre more and the RACQ comment refers to our lucky Queensland cousins who will only be paying 3c more for standard unleaded, because their government is not imposing the same legislation as motorists have to endure in NSW. Furthermore research that has been undertaken by several independent organizations (including ourselves) indicate that, even with a 3c saving for E10, it actually costs more to use due to its considerably inferior fuel economy. But even more alarming is the fact that some 30 percent of cars currently on the road in NSW should not use E10.


This section is important, even if you can get standard unleaded in your state, as some vehicles are absolutely unsuited to E10, particularly older cars that run with carburetors or early fuel injection systems. Modern cars with computer controlled ignition and fuel injection systems will ’recognise’ E10 and adapt accordingly. But even so there are exceptions.

Do you drive a Ford Mondeo (prior to 2007)?

Sorree, you’re gonna have to use premium unleaded

What about a Holden Astra?

Sorry, same story.

Or a Suzuki Swift, pre 1999 Toyota Starlet, any Rover?

All these are unable to run on E10.

For a full list of cars that can’t run on E10 go to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries website here.


The legislation dictates that all standard unleaded fuel must be withdrawn from sale by July 2011 at the latest. That will be a gradual process so you will see more and more forecourts taking away the 91 RON pumps day-by-day from now on.

If you are concerned about this draconian legislation – as we are – then you can lodge your objection in writing, by email, to the NSW Office of Biofuels ( You might also mention that if you live outside NSW you’ll think twice about visiting from interstate (that thought will hurt the NSW pollies even more).The sadly deprived NSW motorist can always protest to his local member, and express his dissatisfaction at the next state election!