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New Toyota Prius? Save $1,000’s

Save $1,000’s on a new Toyota Prius (not to mention the petrol!!)

The Toyota Prius.

With ever increasing fuel costs, Australians are increasingly turning to the market leader in Hybrid cars – the Toyota Prius

toyota prius

It’s no wonder when you consider the combination of style, practicality ,value for money and of course fuel economy – the Toyota Prius really is the complete package.

So you’ve read the reviews, had a test-drive and chosen the car, now it’s time to talk dollars. Who better to use than Private Fleet. Through our buying power and trade connections, we guarantee to save you thousands on your new Toyota Prius purchase. Whether you’re buying 1 or 20 priuses.

Save Time. Save Hassle. Save Money.

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More info on the Toyota Prius

Pricing from Toyota – the basic Toyota Prius starts from $36,500 (plus ORC) and ranges right up to $44,600 when you include the popular I-Tech pack. This would make it a comparitively expensive car for what you get but the real savings come when you consider the fuel savings…

Fuel Economy – In Australian Government Standard testing, the Toyota Prius achieved fuel consumption of 4.4 litres / 100 km under the combined cycle*. That’s up to 50% less consumption than a comparably-sized family car. One tank of fuel could theoretically get you over an astonishing 1,000km.

* Fuel consumption and emissions tested to ADR81/01 under controlled factory conditions. Actual fuel consumption may vary depending on driving style and conditions

Power – the Toyota Prius is powered by a combination of electric and petrol power. Called the Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) this delivers excellent economy and low carbon emissions without compromising drive quality.

Battery -There has been some justifiable concern about the cost of replacing the batteries. Toyota’s manager of alternative fuels and specialised vehicles, Vic Johnstone, concedes the Toyota Prius batteries are built to last less than a decade so the cost of replacement should be taken into account. However the cost of replacement has been dropping quickly and as the cost of petrol soars, it’s still looking like great cost-economy to own a Toyota Prius.