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New Toyota Rav 4? Save $1,000’s on all 2013 model Rav4s

toyota rav4

What a great car – the Australian favourite -the Rav 4!

You’ve read the reviews, you’ve seen the pictures, you may even have one currently or have test-driven one recently.

In any case, if you’ve decided on a new Toyota Rav 4, then well done. You’ve made a great choice. Now just one last task remains…pricing!

That’s where we can help. With our buying power (we buy hundreds of new vehicles every month and more Toyotas than any other brand) we guarantee to save you money on any of the model series.

That’s right, on the entire range of Toyota Rav 4’s, we promise to save you $1,000’s.

Whether it’s the 3dr Toyota Rav 4 CV or the 5 dr Rav 4 Cruiser, that’s our guarantee.

Simply complete our 30 second enquiry form or pick up the phone and give us a call on 1300 303 181 with the specifics of your vehicle.

Even if you haven’t decided 100% on the Toyota Rav 4, feel free to give us a call for a chat. We’re not biased towards any particular vehicle and there’s absolutely no cost nor obligation when speaking with our consultants.