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Resale Values

Potential future car resale values should be an important consideration when looking to purchase a new vehicle. All too often the resale value of cars are overlooked as buyers concentrate on solely looking at the the purchase price. Of course this is a very important consideration and the main reason that people contact us as they can be assured that our buying power will secure a fleet discount off the purchase price.

Indicative resale values are important – how much of the value of the vehicle is retained over a period of ownership, or how quickly the value depreciates. Many factors influence the resale values of vehicles in Australia – length of warranty, make and model of vehicle, availability of comparable used vehicles, amount of discounting offered on the equivalent new vehicle and also the reputation of the manufacturer will all make a difference as to which are the best resale value cars. There is no hard and fast rule or car resale value calculator or such-like that can be relied upon as ultimately it is the market that will decide.

Car resale values become even more important if finance is taken over the vehicle. These days many finance options involve payments until a balloon or residual value is left which ideally would be equal to or less than the current market value of the vehicle. However if this is not the case, at the end of the term buyers may find that the market value does not reach their payout and they either must contibute towards making up the difference or wait until more has been paid out. This can put you in a difficult financial situation.

It is important to be realistic about future resale values of new vehicles and the likely level of depreciation and to structure the finance accordingly. Through the combined motoring experience of the Private Fleet staff, we are able to provide opinions on the indicative resale value of cars in Australia.

To find out more or to request pricing for a particular ML:CurrentYear vehicle or which are the cars with best resale value, call 1300 303 181 or click on the following links:

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