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New Car Discounts in Australia

Unlike many countries in Europe and elsewhere, recommended retail prices on new cars often leave a fair bit of margin to negotiate. When you add to this, the cost of ‘dealer pre-delivery’ (up to $4K in some cases), ‘holdback’ bonuses from the manufacturer plus plenty of profit margin in accessories, if you play your cards right, you can save yourself some serious money.

That’s not to say that dealers will be willing to drop a few thousand off the price of a car, just with a bit of gentle prodding. Here are the top four factors that have a big influence in how well you’re able to negotiate a discount:

  1. Supply and demand (if there’s a surplus of a particular model in the country (or indeed in the dealer’s yard), that will make things a whole lot easier. On the other side of the coin, if there’s a waiting list a mile long, you’re going to have to work pretty hard to secure a saving)
  2. Knowledge (knowing your product and most importantly the industry is essential to getting a good deal)
  3. Relationships (this can be hard for an individual to develop and maintain. Buying a car every 3 or 4 years, probably from different dealers, makes it difficult to do in a hurry. Ideally, you want the dealer to think “If I look after this client, will he/she come back to me next time”)
  4. Experience (negotiating is an art, and like therefore requires practise and refinement to make perfect. Once every 4 years just isn’t enough to get it right)

The trouble for new arrivals to Australia is it’s often obvious to dealers that they are new to the country and therefore (in the dealer’s minds) ripe for a fleecing! In addition, buyers can be preoccupied with 110 other things going on in their lives plus don’t have the time to buckle down to some serious research and a structured campaign of negotiation.

The Solution? Get in touch with one of our friendly consultants who can arrange everything (including a guaranteed fleet discount) before you leave!