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Best Cars of 2015 – What We’re Looking Forward To

It has been a tumultuous time for the Australian car industry – but the car industry worldwide is booming. We’ve never seen as many vehicles on the world’s roads, and while this is great news for the industry, it has many implications that affect consumers in a number of different ways. From economy to sustainability and efficiency – in this resource guide we look at the best cars of 2015, why we rate them and who we rate them for.


Best Cars of 2015 – The Consumers


The end consumers are always the people industry’s have in mind – so here we are going to separate out the best cars of 2015 into different segments. Please see and click below for more information

1. Superminis and City Cars
2. Small Hatchbacks
3. Family Cars
4. Executive Saloons
5. Performance Cars

Superminis and City Cars

Honda Jazz

The mini Honda is getting a revamp in 2015, and continues to look the business for town and city commuters the world over. The old version was snubbed in Australia, as being a far less capable city can than the Hyundais out there. The new one promises improved refinement and bigger cabin, however.


Mazda 2

Just scraping into the small city car category, the Mazda 2 has a look to offer and feels a lot bigger than it really is. The old car had a fantastic amount of space and great handling. The new version promises to build upon that and we should see that at some point in late 2015. A great looking car, too.

All-new Mazda2-62029

Hyundai i20

One of Hyundai’s better selling small cars in Australia, and deservedly so. Lots of kit promised and a revised interior means we can expect more space than its predecessor and much more refinement for the money.

Hyundai New Generation i20-58078

Small Hatchbacks

On the next rung of the ladder, you can expect more kit, better refinement, more space and better engines. You can also expect to happily fit a family and groceries, yet still maintain the go-kart appeal of smaller city cars. Here are some of the best hatchback cars of 2015 to give you an idea of what to expect.

VW Polo BlueMotion

The ultra-economic and frugal version of VW’s ever popular Polo is expected to go on sale this year. They are, however, twinning this version with a hot GTI version, which may be of more interest to some people with a 1.8 turbocharged engine delivering 192ps.

The Polo GTI-61475

Ford Fiesta

The ever popular Fiesta continued to be one of the most well received vehicles in Australia, and still promises to be one of the best cars of 2015. A design update last year revised its youthful appeal and with production now in Thailand the car continues to be well priced for the kit you get.


Audi A1

The Audi A1 is receiving a facelift in 2015 and this should increase the popularity of what is already an absolutely excellent car. Great engines and the build quality you’d expect from German engineering.

92g_km and 99g_km petrol stars join new Audi A1 range-60406.jpg

Family Cars

Ford Focus

The Focus one of the world’s most popular cars, and the new version is almost certainly one of the best cars of 2015. Recent revisions have seen better, more economical engines and much more spec for your money. One of the very best family cars ever produced.


Holden Astra

After GM pulled out of Australia, Holden as a brand are re-imagining a number of Opel’s Astra models – and the hot, high spec versions in particular look to be excellent family cars as well as providing some fantastic driving characteristics too.


Kia Optima

We like the Optima, and we think it’s a fantastic value family saloon that’ll keep giving – read our Kia Optima review here.

The Optima is definitely one of those offerings from Kia that defies the price-tag. Great spec, bags of space and comfort and excellent value for money. There is also a hybrid version on the way.

Upgraded Kia Optima joins European model line-up-46482

Executive Cars

Audi A4

The Audi A4 has experienced many incarnations – but has always been popular in the executive market for its good engines, comfort and reliability. There’s a new version on the way, promising a better driving experience and better economy for longer distances.


BMW 6-Series

New engines, slightly new styling and a revised infotainment system put this executive car aimed squarely at keen drivers a step above the rest. The M6 is a true genius of a car, too.

The new BMW 6 Series range for 2015-61215

Jaguar XE

Not necessarily a surprising move from UK’s Jaguar, but an executive sports sedan that is more than welcomed from the firm. Great interior, good ride, and spritely engines. The advanced aluminium architecture makes a big difference to the way the car feels and drives, too, and is a bit of a revolution for Jaguar.


Performance Cars

Ferrari 488 GTB

The car the replace the 458, this car looks fantastic and will be available in 2015. The engine will be from the California T and it introduces new stop-start and driver technologies to increase comfort and economy.


Ford Mustang

The ultimate American classic is back – and it has more than been missed. Now available in right hand drive, the world’s car press has been getting excited about this for a long time….and it’ll be available in Australia in 2015.


McLaren P13

This is the supercar maker’s response to entry level ultra-performance vehicles – but designed to sit alongside and compete with the likes of the Porsche 911 and Audi R8. Look out for a 2015 launch and look out for it being absolutely amazing.


We know there are hundreds of options out there when it comes to candidates for the best cars of 2015, but we think some of these are the very best. If you’d like to have a look at our new car reviews, however, please feel free to browse our site. We have many new cars and used cars online, and our helpful team will be able to help if you contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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