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Link to Private Fleet & get a Bottle of Nu Finish Polish!

As a small privately owned company, we can never hope to compete with the global car manufacturers in terms of advertising and branding. Because of that, since we started trading in 1999, referrals and word of mouth has been essential to our business and we will forever be grateful for every referral that has come our way.

With the growth of the internet there are now many more ways to pass on a good word and so, linking in with our article on polishes and claying, we would like to post out a bottle of NuFinish to every reader who links to Private Fleet from one of the following examples of websites on the internet (no FaceBook):

  • The links page (or any other page) of your corporate website
  • A link on your personal blog
  • A brief review and link on an online forum you frequent

So, if you feel that we did a good job for you (whether you purchased or not), please help us to help others by spreading the word online and give us a good rap. In addition remember, any successful referral we can trace back to you means you’ll get a $50 Myer voucher in addition to the polish that we’ll send out immediately after you place the link. It’s just a little thank you from all of us at Private Fleet.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Link must be placed on a page indexed by the major search engines
  • No FaceBook or social network links please
  • Link must be ‘dofollow’ in nature
  • Link must be a genuine referral made in good faith – ie not considered spam or on a link farm etc
  • Private Fleet reserve the right to reject any link for the purpose of this promotion (although this is highly unlikely)
  • If you aren’t sure whether your link will qualify, pop us an email to enquire – use the reply address from our newsletter