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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals with sales experience and a passion for customer service.

Working at Private Fleet is light years away from working at a dealership. It’s on the phone, it’s office based and office hours but the biggest difference is we don’t sell cars. In fact we don’t sell anything. We don’t need to – when a customer comes to us, they’ve generally decided on the car, the colour, the accessories – all they need is professional assistance to help them purchase it, get a great deal and get it to them. If we do sell anything, it’s ourselves – our service.

At first glance, a novice might thing ‘How hard can it really be?’ – you go into a dealership, choose the car, haggle a decent price, job done. However it’s usually many times more difficult than that and that’s why a Private Fleet consultant uses every ounce of customer service skills, industry expertise, lateral thinking to get the best outcome for the client.

Often we find a client who has been subjected to a mixture of indifference and talk-over-sales-tactics from salesmen around the car dealerships. For a start all they want is just to be listened to. They don’t want to be told what’s right for them but rather want to state what they want, on their terms. We establish that, with no ifs or buts and then do our level best to achieve it. Sometimes it can’t be done and we have to come back with alternatives but often there’s a lot to be said for thinking outside the box and working that much harder to reach the goal. We need consultants with the patience and empathy to achieve this.

So, if you have a proven sales record but, more importantly, can demonstrate your inter-customer skills, empathy and willingness to go the extra mile, then please get in touch and ask for David (either one!).