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Easychoice Home Loans has long provided its clients with a wide range of financial solutions.  That’s why we are delighted to announce that a new service is now available to save you time, money and hassle with all your passenger and light commercial vehicle purchases…

ECHL has negotiated with Private Fleet a waiver of the normal service fee meaning that the following services will be offered free of charge to all clients:

  • Sourcing of all new and used vehicles
  • Arrangement of test-drives at home or at the office
  • Fleet discounting off the purchase price of all new vehicles
  • Valuation of trade-in vehicles
  • Delivery to the door with a full tank of fuel

To take advantage of this special offer, simply call 1300 303 181 and mention ECHL to a Private Fleet consultant, browse through the website and submit your details in the enquiry form noting ECHL or email directly to

Now, not only can you secure a great deal on finance through ECHL, you can now save thousands off the purchase price of all new and used vehicles with Private Fleet!

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