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Suzuki Swift 2017

Suzuki Swift 2017

Cuter and even more delightful is the exterior design for the new Suzuki Swift 2017 hatch.  Condensing the grille and front headlight styling has clipped the front nose of the new Swift to make it look trimmer and more athletic.  A popular buy for Australians, Suzuki have, I believe, made a timely tweak to the Swift range to keep it looking great, modern and attractive to buy.

Suzuki Swift 2017

Suzuki has always made great small cars that find the most space inside small spaces.  What you get in the Swift is a practical hatch that is capable of scooting four large adults (five with a squeeze) from here to there with little fuss and reasonable comfort.  Modern features like satellite navigation, Bluetooth communications and Appleplay keep the journey in touch with ones needs and enjoyments.  In a hugely techno-communicative world, it’s a great idea to have the car you travel in be able to link with smartphones, make calls to anywhere in the world and provide the best way to get from A-to-B.  Suzuki can kit your new Swift to do just that.

Suzuki Swift Interior

Suzuki Swift Rear Seating

Another enjoyable feature that the Swift has is the lively engine performance that makes an impression on most drivers.  Of course, there is the new and exciting Swift GLX Turbo (see review) but even the standard Swift models also get a responsive 1.2-litre dualjet engine with 16 valves spread across the inline four-cylinder motor.  VVT technology ensures the performance is optimum depending on the demands of the driver.  Impressive fuel economy and very low CO2 emissions are what this car is about.  A maximum of 66 kW of power is available at 6000 rpm, while a useful 120 Nm of torque is accessible in the mid-range.  An easy five-speed manual equips the GL Swift, while the two GL Navigator models get the CVT gearing.  If you prefer a true auto gearbox, then the Swift Turbo (82kW, 160 Nm) has a six-speed auto.  Without a doubt, there are faster small hatches on our roads, but the Swift manages to put a smile on your face just because it pulls well, handles well and looks the part.  It proves that you don’t have to spend big money to be able to enjoy your drive.  These new Swifts are great in town and can hold their own at motorway speeds.

One of the main reasons manufacturers are updating their models frequently is to keep up with the ever changing world of infotainment and communications.  The 2017 Suzuki Swift is a hatchback that provides technological innovation that you’d really expect to see in cars twice its price.  The 7-inch multi-touch colour display delivers instant and easy control of all your audio and video channels.  The hands-free phone and satellite navigation systems come complete with Bluetooth connectivity, full iPod integration, AM/FM radio and audio playback with streaming options.  Now that’s huge value for money – particularly when you’re looking at buying a brand new small car for $20k or less.  Voice recognition enables you to search for points of interest, listen to your favourite music, or call your contacts without having to take your hands off the wheel.  The navigation system also includes a rear-view camera that displays what’s behind the car the moment reverse gear has been selected.

Safety by Suzuki means that the Swift models come equipped with modern safety features to keep you and your occupants as safe as possible in the event of a crash.  Features like front, side and curtain airbags are standard.  Even vehicle stability control and radar brake assist is standard.  Hill hold control makes it really easy for any driver to pull away from a standstill on a slope – and a steep one at that.  All new Suzuki Swifts come with six airbags, ESC (Electronic Stability Control), an Advanced Forward Detection System — which includes Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Departure Warning, Weaving Alert, High Beam Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control.  Not quite matching the full five-star safety result, the Swift Hatch is nonetheless a four-star small car.

Out-and-about, the new Suzuki Swift is fun to drive, with light steering, good body control and a nice ride.  There is a bit of road noise, but nothing too obtrusive.  This little car will make your drive to work or dropping off the kids enjoyable and rewarding.  This is the Suzuki Swift 2017 hatch.

The 2017 Suzuki Swift models includes the:

  • Swift GL
  • Swift GL Navigator
  • Swift GL Navigator With Safety Pack
  • Swift GLX Turbo

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