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2020 Skoda Kamiq

2020 Skoda Kamiq

Now for something a little different: the 2019 Skoda Kamiq.  It looks smart in its rounded out way, and the headlight design at the front is sleek and modern.  Skoda’s small SUV, the Kamiq has a nice raised driving height and it’s solidly built, roomy and well equipped.  The rounded lines look streamlined and aerodynamic, and I’m sure we’ll see this being a good efficient alternative to other mainstream Japanese compact SUV rides.

I like reviewing Skoda cars because they have some interesting model names that make you want to find out what they mean and how to pronounce them properly.  So, what does ‘Kamiq’ mean?  Skoda has used the name Kamiq and taken it from the language of the Inuit people.  It means ‘something that fits perfectly’, and this is relevant, according to Skoda, because the Kamiq is an SUV with compact SUV dimensions that make it a perfect fit for the city.  You can take the hint there that off-roading isn’t this car’s forte.

The design of the all new Skoda Kamiq has grown on me.  I’ve grown to appreciate the streamlined design that has been spearheaded with long trapezoid LED DRL lighting sitting above the headlights and the nice large grille that drops into a pronounced front air dam.  Overall the appearance is quite a unique but powerful in its own way.  I guess it looks a little like the Citroen Aircross models from the front with the DRLs being above the headlights.  Around the rear of the new Skoda Kamoq the car looks very tidy with a nice little boot tuck and bumper skirt insert.  This smart design is typical of VW, Audi and Skoda.

2020 Skoda Kamiq

Slip inside the Kamiq and, like all other Skodas, there is ample room for passengers to sit in comfort.  Right up there with the class leaders for space, there is plenty of storage areas throughout the cabin as well as bin storage in the doors to make this a perfect option for the active family.  Skoda Kamiq’s dash design is very simple and functional to the point of being a bit bland.  It won’t win any awards for interior style but it does what it says it will on the tin and that is accommodate a family in space and comfort with some pretty good levels of equipment.

2020 Skoda Kamiq

One feature that is available as an option is a big glass roof which does lift the Kamiq’s game a lot.  This option is nice and gives the cabin a light, airy feel.  The touchscreen works really well, and it’s mounted protruding out from the dash at centre.  The Kamiq comes with a standard 6-inch screen, but an 8 and 9-inch screen are also available.  There is plenty of scope to kit your Kamiq out with all the best features that you want for preference.  As a standard Kamiq, the feature list is strong.  Phone, media, radio and air-conditioning can all be controlled via the touchscreen.  Satellite navigation is also available, but there are options to kit your Kamiq out with heated front seats, heated rear seats, a heated steering wheel and a heated windscreen.  Base models get a tame four-speaker sound system, while others can get an eight-speed audio package.  A premium Kamiq can come with a nice digital driver’s display and a ten-speaker audio package.

Where the Kamiq shines is found under the hood.  Now some of the engines aren’t amazingly fast but they are efficient and punchy enough, especially when you consider that one of the Kamiq engines is a 1.0-litre 3-cylinder turbo petrol that can be had in 70 kW or 85 kW form.  The 1.5-litre turbo motor would be my choice however, as the Kamiq needs some extra shove behind it if you want to travel at any speeds faster than the car in front of you.  In 1.5-litre form the Kamiq has 112 kW and 250 Nm, which is more than enough for your normal everyday driving.  A 1.6-litre diesel turbo is also available, and the 86 kW engine packs plenty of torque (250 Nm) across the range for comfortable, relaxed passing manoeuvres to be carried out and high speed touring should you venture out of the concrete jungle.  The diesel is also the most frugal of the Komiq engines, so with this one under the hood you should easy see well under 5 litres/100 km.  The diesel also connects with the great automatic gearbox in the range, linking well with the engine’s extra power and torque.  Gearbox options are: a five and six-speed manual gearbox and a seven-speed DSG which is probably going to be the most popular choice here in Australia.

If you are looking for an SUV with some off-road capability then you will need to look elsewhere or even step up to the Kodiaq.  All Skoda Kamiq SUVs are FWD so on-the-road is what this one is designed for.  However, you can get a lowered Kamiq for an extra sporty drive and look, and in this sportier version you also get the ability to select various driving modes.

You can get your new Skoda Kamiq with some good driver aids too, so things like adaptive cruise control, Front Assist, Lane Assist, Side Assist and Driver Alert all work to make the experience controlled and safe.  Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) is expected to be standard on all Australian Skoda Kamiq models, while nine airbags, blind-spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert, high-beam and park assist, plus driver fatigue alert will be available.

2020 Skoda Kamiq

Back seat passengers will be impressed with the level of space, and for carrying luggage the Skoda Kamiq is easily more capable than your average hatchback (400 litres with the rear seats in place).  The rear seats are split folding, and when flat there is ample space for gear.  Some quirky features that the Kamiq has are: an umbrella, a magnetic torch and even a plastic fold out protection cap on the door to protect the doors from getting scratched when opening them close to buildings or other cars.

When all is said and done, the new Skoda Kamiq can be as bland or as well-equipped as you like, but one thing is sure across the Kamiq range; and that is it has loads of class-leading interior space and comfort.

2020 Skoda Kamiq

The current 2019 Skoda Kamiq models include the:

  • Kamiq 1.0 Turbo (70 kW)
  • Kamiq 1.0 Turbo (85 kW)
  • Kamiq 1.5 (112 kW)
  • Kamiq 1.6 Diesel

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