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Renault Megane RS

Renault Megane RS

Renault Megane RS

It’s been a while since Renault has come up with another performance gem in the sports/luxury hatch market.  Like wine, time has given Renault the chance to design and build a beautiful car that is impressive in the tasting.  Renault has called it the new Renault Megane RS.  The Megane RS combines all the flair and passion that we’ve come to enjoy from the French brand and the combination of superior handling and a magnificently powerful engine make it really move.

Taking on the Hot Hatch field at their own game, the All-New Renault Megane RS 265 and RS 275 are superbly quick.  Boasting FWD and around 200 kW with 360 Nm of torque, the turbo-tweaked 2.0-litre engine is definitely the icing on the cake.  A purist’s car, the RS boasts a slick six-speed manual gearbox sending the power to the wheels, and it does a great job at holding the strong torque levels right in the zone for maximum performance.  There is 360 Nm available at 3000 rpm.

Any road is tamed with the new Renault Megane RS boasting perfect balance and control.  A central VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) system gives the car some of the best vehicle dynamics you’ll find this side of a race track – and then put the car on a race track and it wows you again!  Alfa Romeo’s VDC module which integrates ESC, Active Torque Vectoring, an Integrated Brake System (IBS) and an Active Suspension for uncompromised handling and control.  Acceleration is incredible, while the control in the corners is breath-taking, especially in the high-speed curves.

Unmistakably Renault, from every angle the car’s lines and detailing is exciting.  With its strong identity, there are features which not only look fantastic but have a purpose in the car’s high performance.  The all-embracing rear diffuser and rear spoiler work the air over the car’s back-end for increased stability.  A near 50/50 balance equates to a scintillating drive.  But even just to look at, the iconic Megane RS Hatch lines are low-profile and sporty.  The RS 265 has 18-inch alloys while the RS 275 is shod with 19-inch alloys as standard, and combined with a prominent high waistline this gives the car the necessary street kudos and performance appeal.

Renault Megane RS Interior

Renault Megane RS Interior

Nothing is superfluous but everything is unquestionably Renault.  The driver of the new Renault RS Megane is situated at the centre of the cockpit design.  All the best materials are used inside the car for not only visual impact and comfort, but also with the mind-set towards keeping the car as lightweight and race-ready as possible.  Sophisticated plastics and leather are part of the RS package.  Beautifully crafted and superbly ergonomic, the ultralight sport seats combine technology, comfort and lateral support for both the driver and front passenger.

There are plenty of luxury features on-board the new Renault Megane RS models.  A nicely wrapped leather steering wheel, a high-definition touch screen in the centre of the dash, Sat Nav, a Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB), Bluetooth, climate control, USB ports and steering wheel controls are just some of the goodies on offer to make for a nicely modern and technologically advanced driving experience.

Safety is always top priority, and the Renault Megane RS combines pure driving excitement and ultimate safety systems to leave the driver and its passenger relaxed and comfortable.  Forward Collision Warning (FCW) with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) including pedestrian detection function, Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Cruise Control with speed limiter, Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM), a rear view camera and parking sensors are all available as standard safety features on the car.  Five-star safety is part of the package.

Engine sounds can really help make a car, and with the extreme performance mingling with lusty engine notes, the sound of the Turbo 2.0-litre are thrilling.  The engine loves to rev and the growl is addictive.  For those who love stats and figures, Renault claims the new RS 265 can tick off the 0-100 km/h sprint in a time of around six seconds.  The RS 275, with a few extra herbs will see it done in less than six seconds.  On the right piece of road, you can experience what it’s like to be travelling at over 250 km/h!

This is a hugely stylish hatch, and parked up alongside any of the competition this is a standout looker.  Exciting to look at and exciting to drive, this will be a driving enthusiast’s dream come true.  Like many Renault performance cars that have gone before, there is always something attractive about the quick French cars.

The Renault Megane RS model series includes the:

  • RS 265 Cup
  • RS 275 Cup Premium
  • RS 275 Cup Trophy

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