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Megane Wagon Diesel

Renault Megane Diesel Wagon

Renault Megane Diesel Wagon

So you’re on the lookout for a medium-sized European wagon that can fit three kids along the rear seat or two-to-three adults comfortably, offers premium safety levels, and is fuel efficient and rewarding to drive?  Maybe that’s why you’ve found yourself here, reading up on the attractive new Renault Megane Diesel range.  It’s not the fastest wagon on earth; however, it does provide a very agreeable ride and excellent fuel efficiency.

The new Renault Megane Diesel wagon range starts off as the Dynamique.  Just in case you’re wondering, “Dynamique” is the French way of spelling Dynamic, so you get the impression that this wagon will be lively, vibrant and enjoyable to drive.  Boasting a 1.5-litre turbo diesel under the hood, the new Renault Megane Diesel has plenty of willing power on offer that is perfectly fine for your usual everyday tasks like commuting, running the kids to school and heading away for the weekend.  The wagon rides well, soaking up the bumps comfortably and providing a well-planted chassis that feels safe to drive.  Plant your right foot and the Renault Megane Diesel wagon range won’t break any speed records, however strong acceleration and smooth power delivery reward the driver searching for some get-up-and-go.

The latest 1.5-litre motor boasts direct common-rail, diesel-turbo technology that packs 81 kW of power at 4000 rpm and a maximum torque figure of 240 Nm that comes in at a low 1750 rpm.  This means that the Megane Diesel wagon has great pulling power even low down in the revs, and it will handle being loaded up and driven long distances in a mannish, masculine style.

Renault claim that the Megane Diesel Wagon will complete the 0-100 km/h dash in less than 12 seconds, and given free rein will reach 190 km/h on the right piece of road.  Power delivery is smooth, thanks to the six-speed EDC automatic gearbox which is standard across the range.  I think it would have been useful for Renault to offer a manual transmission, but maybe times have changed and most people prefer the auto box doing all the work for them. If out-and-put performance isn’t your thing, then the relaxed, willing drive will reward you, along with a very frugal thirst for fuel.  You should expect around 5 litres/ 100 km on average, sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on the way you like to drive and how much right foot flexing goes on during your trips.

In the rear, the new Renault Megane Diesel wagon has 524 litres of boot space for carrying a myriad of things of various shapes and sizes.  The rear seats are split-folding, so the luggage space can grow and accommodate long items which can be transported with ease.

Renault Megane Wagon Interior

Renault Megane Wagon Interior

A strength of modern Renault cars has been their ability to create sedans and wagons that more-often-than-not provide a very comfortable ride, premium safety features and excellent fuel economy.  There are also some very exciting performance models that are exceptionally quick and handle very well.  With the new Renault Megan Diesel Wagon you have five-star safety standards that offer full front airbags, side airbags and curtain airbags as standard.  A full array of active safety features and driving aids are standard across the Megane range, and even the Megane Dynamique wagon is fully loaded.

If you want a very luxurious ride, then make sure you kit your Renault Megane Diesel wagon with the GT-Line Premium equipment levels.  Beautifully crafted leather heated front seats are standard, along with a glass panoramic electrically operated sunroof and Lane Assist.

All models have MP3, USB, aux inputs and even the Dynamique boasts a high audio sound, Bluetooth live audio streaming, electric windows and LED daytime running lights are also standard Dynamique features.

So for plenty of French flair and good looks, the new Renault Megane Diesel wagon might be exactly what you’re after.

New Renault Megane Diesel wagon models include the:

  • Megane Wagon Dynamique
  • Megane Wagon GT-Line
  • Megane Wagon GT-Line Premium

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