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2020 Renault Master Van

2020 Renault Trafic Left, 2020 Renault Master Right, and their new front nose treatment.

There are not many things that totally express business in a way the new Renault Master Van does.  It’s totally professional, totally practical and utterly pleasant on review.  It features class-leading safety technology as standard, a comfortable and feature-packed cabin, and the Master Van comes backed with the security of long warranties and servicing plans that deliver real value to your bottom line.

You need to check the 2020 Renault Master out if you’re on the lookout for a large van.  With a huge choice of body lengths and roof heights, front and rear wheel drive, you’re sure to find a Master to suit your needs.  The front-end to the new Renault Master has a complete makeover that brings with it a more prominent nose.  The bold new front grille makes a statement with the nice chrome diamond taking centre stage, while the C-shape LED signature lights give a stylish appearance come dusk.  All-in-all the Renault Master has a dominant stance that oozes class.

2020 Renault Master Van Dash

One thing that strikes out early as you pull away from the curb is the driver-friendly nature with which the new Renault Master Van offers its driver and occupants.  There is a superbly comfortable seat for the driver, and then the option of one or two other seats in the front.  The new ergonomic dash design looks really good and there are plenty of storage features like big door bins, under seat storage and various other excellent storage spaces about the Master’s cabin.  In total there is 105 litres of storage about the cabin, thanks aplenty to a now-standard under-bench storage compartment.  The build quality and choice of materials are superb, looking and feeling like they are sure to stand up to the rigours of long hours and daily use.

Features around the driver include the new 7-inch touchscreen with satellite navigation as standard.  The multimedia unit has smartphone connectivity, which means that, once you clamber on-board one of these new Renault Master Vans, some of the scheduling, planning and relaxation during the day ahead can be sorted simply and quickly.  The new Renault Master Van boasts modern technology that you’d find in some flagship cars, so time spent in the Master is comfortable, safe and more relaxing than your busy schedule would let on.  Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard.

It’s a big van, so new driver aid technology like rear view assist are standard, making life moving in and out of tight, blind spaces a breeze.  Front park assist, blind spot monitoring and emergency braking are all features ready to assist should the need arise.  One of the coolest new safety features is called ‘side wind assist’, which is a brilliant new feature that helps the driver charter the big vans through turbulent, windy country spaces.  This feature is activated at speeds above 60 km/h and hel the driver counteract the big winds that like to unsettle high sided vehicles such as vans.

When it comes to power for carrying the big loads, the range of new 2.3-litre turbo-diesels deliver the grunt needed.  All variants of the Master will use the latest 2.3-litre turbocharged diesel engine. The twin-turbocharged version mated to a six-speed manual produces 120 kW of power and 360 Nm of torque, while the six-speed automatic option receives a single-turbocharged engine that makes 110 kW of power and 350 Nm of torque.

Master Van load space is huge (8 m3 through to 20 m3) across the model range, and simple features like LED interior lighting make it so much easier when you need to see where everything is in the cargo bay during night hours.  The latest Master will be available in a variety of wheelbases spanning short (SWB), medium (MWB), long (LWB) and bus.  SWB models have the shortest roof and front-wheel drive (FWD).  MWB Master Vans receives the second-shortest height and FWD.  LWB models see the second-tallest height with the option of FWD or rear-wheel drive (RWD).  This leaves the biggest Master bus option that receives the highest body available, which is only available in RWD.

But Renault doesn’t stop here with just the wide range of Master Vans available.  If you need a people mover Master Van, then they’ve got a couple of these in the wings.  And, if you need a Ute, then Renault can offer you its Renault Master Ute, which has a massive tray out the back – the real builder’s Ute…

If you are one of those people that haven’t experienced what Renault has to offer, then make sure you don’t buy another Hiace or Transit without at least trialling the superb range of modern Renault Master Vans.  Try one and you may well buy!

2020 Renault Master Van

The 2020 Renault Master Van models include the:

  • Master Extra LWB High, 2.3LDiesel 6 SP MAN
  • Master Extra LWB High, 2.3LDiesel6 SP AUTOMATED MAN
  • Master LWB MID (FWD), 2.3LDiesel6 SP AUTOMATED MAN
  • Master LWB MID (FWD), 2.3LDiesel6 SP MAN
  • Master LWB MID (RWD), 2.3LDiesel6 SP AUTOMATED MAN
  • Master LWB MID (RWD), 2.3LDiesel6 SP MAN
  • Master MWB MID, 2.3LDiesel6 SP MAN
  • Master MWB MID, 2.3LDiesel6 SP AUTOMATED MAN
  • Master PRO Extra LWB RWD (120KW) L4H3, 2.3LDiesel6 SP MAN
  • Master PRO LWB FWD (110KW) L3H2, 2.3LDiesel
  • Master PRO LWB FWD (120KW) L3H2, 2.3LDiesel6 SP MAN
  • Master PRO LWB RWD (120KW) L3H2, 2.3LDiesel6 SP MAN
  • Master PRO MWB FWD (110KW) L2H2, 2.3LDiesel6 SP AUTOMATED
  • Master PRO MWB FWD (120KW) L2H2, 2.3LDiesel6 SP MAN
  • Master PRO SWB FWD (110KW) L1H1, 2.3LDiesel6 SP AUTOMATED
  • Master PRO SWB FWD (120KW) L1H1, 2.3LDiesel6 SP MAN
  • Master SWB Low, 2.3LDiesel6 SP MAN
  • Master SWB Low, 2.3LDiesel6 SP AUTOMATED MAN
  • Master Van People Mover LWB Mid, 2.3LDiesel6 SP AUTOMATED MAN
  • Master Van People Mover Pro LWB RWD (110kW), 2.3LDiesel6 SP AUTOMATED MAN
  • Master Van Ute Pro LWB Platform FWD (110kW), 2.3LDiesel6 SP AUTOMATED MAN

For any more information on the Renault Master Van or, for that matter, any other new car, contact one of our friendly consultants on 1300 303 181.  If you’d like some fleet discount pricing (yes even for private buyers!), we can submit vehicle quote requests out to our national network of Renault dealers and come back with pricing within 24 hours.  Private Fleet – car buying made easy!