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2018 Renault ZOE

2018 Renault ZOE

Well they’re here to stay.  Let’s get over the petrol head withdrawal symptoms and look ahead to what could well be the future of cars worldwide.  Electric cars have super low emissions, cost less to run (at least for now) and have fewer moving parts to replace – though a battery cell replacement can make your wallet a lot lighter.  Australia’s relationship with pure-electric vehicles continues to take those small, tentative steps toward accepting the obvious PHEV occupation.  These cars are still a work in progress, particularly with the driving range on purely electric power.  But this technology is only set to improve with time.

Renault is one manufacturer that is leading the charge in the production and supply of electric vehicles around the world, and recently they are pushing for the cute little Renault ZOE to fill a niche market for such a nice and efficient small hatchback.  These small hatchbacks won’t be as expensive as other PHEVs are to buy and this new 2018 Renault ZOE is coming to Australia with a hugely improved 400 km driving range on electricity alone.  Upgrading the 22 kWh lithium-ion battery to a more energy dense 41 kWh battery cell has enabled the big jump in driving distance when ideal driving conditions are present.  However, even in real-world conditions, Renault says that the 2018 Renault ZOE hatch is fully capable of covering around 300 km before it runs flat.  Currently, the new Renault ZOE is the best-selling battery-powered vehicle in Europe.

When it comes to charging the Renault ZOE Hatch, the car will charge to 80 percent in just over an hour, and will fully charge in 7.5 hours.  Regenerative braking is ever present when you lift off the throttle letting you appreciate the way it helps you decelerate and claw back energy to boost the battery pack range.

Australia still has some work to do to make it a country that is fully PHEV friendly.  There needs to be more charging points put in and the availability of a government subsidy that makes electric vehicles comparable to the cost of purchasing petrol, diesel and hybrid cars.

At present Renault Australia is targeting businesses and local government departments only.  And, yes, there are many businesses looking to make the jump to PHEV motoring in Australia hoping to make an image-boosting zero-emission vehicle fleet their goal.  This is great news.

2018 Renault ZOE

Out on the road the 2018 Renault ZOE has nippy acceleration and a nice relaxed feel.  The car grips the road very well, soaks up the undulations and feels ideal for commuting.  There isn’t any engine noise, as you might have guessed, but there is some tyre noise as well as some audible suspension adjustment.

2018 Renault ZOE

There is a fair bit of plastic around the cabin but it’s not unpleasant – quirky enough in it the design to be appreciated.  The dash design is simple, fluid and easy on the eye, while a touch screen is centred in the dash for gaining access to infotainment features.  Steering wheel-mounted audio controls, a digital dash, Bluetooth communications and electric windows are some of the nice on-board features.  There is a handy-sized boot in the new little Renault ZOE to fit your shopping and satchel.  There is also space for two tall passengers in the rear seats.  Seating is comfortable and well padded – no cutting corners here.

How much might the new Renault ZOE cost the buyer?  The 2018 Renault ZOE purchase price will start in the low forties, coming with a three-year warranty.  Exciting PHEV changes are on the horizon for Australia, so let’s embrace it.

2018 Renault ZOE

The current Renault ZOE model series is yet to be fully available but we’ll keep you up-to-date at Private Fleet.

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