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Porsche Cayman GT4

The Porsche Cayman GT4 looks as sizzling as its performance.Porsche have provided the Cayman GT4 with so much power and grip that it’s almost insane to feel the pleasure of ultimate control and ultimate performance.  The new Porsche Cayman GT4 is a purebred racer, and although 1 second slower in the 0-100 km/h sprint than the 911 equivalent that figure is probably more to protect the 911’s status as the legendary Porsche performer.  The new Cayman GT4 is a very quick and scintillating car to drive. The car’s top speed is 295 km/h and it will do 0-200k m/h in around 14 seconds.

The Porsche Cayman GT4 is born for the track and for going extremely fast.  It has an abundance of grip in the corners, and devours them with ease.  Large scoops in the front air dam and rear wheel arch, and big wings on the rear mean that you’ve got some awesome roadholding even when the speeds climb very quickly.  These scoops have a function, so the vents at the front feed the air to the cooling systems and also provide cool air to flow around the brakes.  The aerodynamic kit adds 100 kg of downforce when scorching well over 200 km/h.  You’ll notice the cool looking side air intakes, and these give plenty of clean air for the engine to breathe freely.

There is a pleasant lack of an overabundance of driver aids, which can tend to dull the driving experience.  Porsche has provided the Cayman GT4 with an auto throttle blip function to perfectly match the speed of the engine with a lower gear when dropping down.  It works really well and enhances the drive.  You can, however, turn this function off if you prefer.

Overseas model of Porsche Cayman GT4 shown.

Overseas model of Porsche Cayman GT4 shown.

One of the delights of owning a Porsche Cayman GT4 is that you can drive all day in town and on the open toad with no hassles at all.  This sort of everyday driving should return a little over 10 litres/100 km.   Some statistics that might interest you: 3.8-litre flat six, 283 kW at 7400 rpm, 420 Nm 4750-6000 rpm, six-speed manual, 1340 kg and RWD.

Inside the new Porsche Cayman GT4 is a racy interior that boasts plenty of Alcantara leather.  A small, supple sports steering wheel is standard, and the sports seats are extremely supportive for the tightest, fastest cornering.  Still equipped with sat nav, infotainment systems, air-conditioning, cruise control and electronic seat adjustment with a heating function, the GT4 is not a completely stripped out racer.

The current Porsche Cayman GT4 models include the:

Porsche Cayman GT4

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